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Pokémon Go: A Troubling Situation research guide

Purify Shadow Pokémon to get some rewards

Photo: Russ Frushtick/Polygon

Some new types of Pokémon have been added to Pokémon Go, with new Special Research accompanying them.

Shadow Pokémon are just like your regular ‘mons, but they have a spooky dark aura around them and they seem to be in pain. Team Rocket grunts have settled at Pokéstops (Rocket Stops?) and need to be taken out in order to grab their Shadow Pokémon. From there, you’ll have to purify them by using candy and dust.

The set of Special Research tasks helps walk you through this process, with some juicy items and XP as rewards for completing them.

Step 1

  • Evolve 2 Pokémon (Murkrow encounter)
  • Power up a Pokémon 5 times (Sableye encounter)

Reward: 1,000 Stardust, 2,000 XP

Step 2

  • Catch 2 Shadow Pokémon (Koffing encounter)
  • Defeat 3 Team GO Rocket Grunts (Ekans encounter)

Reward: 2,000 Stardust, 2,000 XP, 5 Golden Razz Berries

Step 3

  • Purify 3 Shadow Pokémon (3,000 Stardust)
  • Purify a Fire, Water, or Grass-type Shadow Pokémon (3,000 XP)

Reward: 2,000 Stardust, 5 Silver Pinap Berries, 1 Rare Candy

Step 4

  • Auto completed (1,000 Stardust)
  • Auto completed (1,000 XP)
  • Auto completed (1,000 Stardust)

Reward: 1 Fast TM, 1 Charged TM, 3 Rare Candies

If this is your first special research quest, there should be four more to complete:

The next level of puzzles.

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