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Pokémon Go Lickitung raid guide: best counters and movesets

Pink! And also slobbery!

A Lickitung poses with its arms up and its very long tongue out Image: The Pokémon Company via Bulbapedia

To celebrate Valentine’s Day, Lickitung is having a special raid day in Pokémon Go on Feb. 15 from 2 p.m. until 5 p.m. in your local time.

During the event time, Lickitung will flood tier-four raids with the move Body Slam. If you spin gym discs during the event time, you’ll also get up to five free Raid Passes, but you can’t hold more than one at a time. This means you have to use the free Raid Pass you have before getting another.

This does stack with the Valentine’s Day event, which means you’ll get doubled candy for catching it. Make sure to use a Pinap Berry to double that candy a second time.

Since Lickitung is a lower-tier raid than a Legendary Pokémon, it shouldn’t be too hard to take down. For an easy win, consider using any of the following:

  • Machamp with Counter and Dynamic Punch
  • Hariyama with Counter and Dynamic Punch
  • Lucario with Counter and Aura Sphere

Lickitung’s normal-typing means that its only weak against fighting-type moves. If you don’t have any strong fighting-types, using any hard hitters like Rayquaza or Mewtwo will get the job done, as well. Just don’t use any ghost-type moves.

Lucky players will be rewarded with a Shiny Lickitung.

Lickitung and Lickilicky stand next to their Shiny forms, which both turn a golden yellow. Image: Niantic via Polygon

Lickitung, when evolved with 100 candy and a Sinnoh Stone, turns into Lickilicky. Lickilicky isn’t great for raids or gyms, but it is a pretty good pick for the Ultra League in PvP. In PvE content, its best moveset is Lick with Hyper Beam or Solar Beam. In PvP, set it up with Lick with Earthquake and Shadow Ball.

For more information on raids, check out our guide here.

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