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Pokémon Go Fest: Rocket Straight to Victory quest guide

Multiple Shadow Legendary Pokémon and a new Mythical Pokémon await

A bunch of Pokémon celebrate outside around the Pokémon Go Fest logo Image: Niantic/The Pokémon Company

Pokémon Go Fest participants will be able to get a chance at grabbing Victini, through a set of Special Research Tasks called Rocket Straight to Victory.

This time around, only players who buy the Pokémon Go Fest ticket will be able to grab Victini. The pass can be bought for $14.99 through the in-game shop. However, those who don’t want to pay money will likely have a chance to grab the Mythical Pokémon from different set of Special Research Tasks, similarly to Celebi and Jirachi.

If you did grab the pass, you just need to log on and accept the quest during Go Fest in order to start it. You do not need to finish it within the day, since it will remain unlocked after being activated. The quest will have to be accepted on July 26 between 10 a.m. and 8 p.m. in your local time.

In addition to rewarding Victini, players who complete this set of tasks will be able to nab some Shadow Legendary Pokémon, like Shadow Moltres, Articuno, and Zapdos. If you’re having a hard time taking down the leaders to complete the quest, note that Niantic has stated that they’ll get easier to beat as the day goes on, so try again in the evening.

Step 1 of 6

  • Take a snapshot (2 Incense)
  • Power up a Pokémon 3 times (100 Poké Balls)
  • Send 3 gifts (2,020 Stardust)

Rewards: 20 Max Revive, Machamp encounter, 2,020 Stardust

Step 2 of 6

  • Defeat 2 Team Rocket grunts (Weavile encounter)
  • Rescue 2 Shadow Pokémon (20 Max Revives)
  • Purify a Shadow Pokémon (20 Max Potions)

Rewards: 2,020 Stardust, Golem encounter, 20 Rare Candy

Step 3 of 6

  • Defeat Arlo (Shadow Moltres encounter)
  • Defeat Cliff (Shadow Articuno encounter)
  • Defeat Sierra (Shadow Zapdos encounter)

Rewards: 20 Max Revives, 1 Super Rocket Radar, 5,000 Stardust

Step 4 of 6

  • Defeat Giovanni (Shadow Mewtwo encounter)

Rewards: 20 Ultra Balls, Victini encounter, 2 Incense

Step 5 of 6

  • Auto completed (2,020 Stardust)
  • Auto completed (2,020 XP)
  • Auto completed (2,020 Stardust)

Rewards: 20 Ultra Balls, 20 Victini Candy, 2 Incense

Step 6 of 6

  • Take a snapshot with Victini (20 Victini Candy)
  • Catch 20 unique Pokémon (10 Rare Candy)
  • Send 3 gifts (1 Super Incubator)

Rewards: Victini Avatar Shirt, 2 Premium Battle Passes, 2 Star Pieces

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