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Pokémon Go ‘A Mega Moment’ Special Research and event guide

Complete Special Research to get a Mega Venusaur, Charizard, or Blastoise

Mega Venusaur in Pokémon Go Image: Niantic/The Pokémon Company
Julia Lee (she/her) is a guides producer, writing guides for games like The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom and Genshin Impact. She helped launch the Rift Herald in 2016.

Pokémon Go is having a new event “A Mega Moment” to integrate the new changes that came to Mega Evolution. The event takes place from April 29 until May 1 and features many opportunities to catch Pokémon that Mega Evolve. Our Pokémon Go “A Mega Moment” event guide lists out the Special Research, increased spawns, and Field Research Tasks.

In addition to the bonuses below, Mega Kangaskhan is making its debut in raids with this event. You should definitely take advantage of its appearance in raids, if you don’t have one yet.

Kangaskhan is usually a regional Pokémon only found in Australia, so there will be a special Kangaskhan Raid Day on May 1. To help out with this, you can get up to five free Raid Passes from spinning disks at gyms, but only if you don’t have a free (orange) pass since you can only old one at a time.

Event-themed Field Research Tasks will also reward random Mega Energy for any of the Pokémon that have Mega Evolutions in Pokémon Go (except Kangaskhan).

A Mega Moment Special Research Tasks and rewards

A Mega Moment step 1 of 4

  • Catch 3 Pokémon (Bulbasaur encounter)
  • Catch 3 Pokémon (Charmander encounter)
  • Catch 3 Pokémon (Squirtle encounter)

Reward: 500 XP, 200 Stardust, 10 Poké Balls

After step one, you will pick one of the three evolved starters (Venusaur, Charizard, or Blastoise) and the quest rewards and tasks will vary. Whichever Pokémon you pick, you’ll get Mega Energy for, so choose wisely.

A Mega Moment step 2 of 4

  • Catch 5 Pokémon (10 Poké Balls)
  • Use 5 berries to help catch Pokémon (10 Great Balls)
  • Power up Pokémon 5 times (10 Poké Balls)

Reward: 200 Venusaur/Charizard/Blastoise Mega Energy, 1 Premium Battle Pass, Venusaur/Charizard/Blastoise encounter

A Mega Moment step 3 of 4

  • Earn 5 hearts with your buddy (50 Venusaur/Charizard/Blastoise Mega Energy)
  • Power up a Pokémon 10 times (500 Venusaur/Charizard/Blastoise Mega Energy)
  • Mega Evolve a Venusaur/Charizard/Blastoise (1 Charge TM)

Reward: 1,000 XP, 600 Stardust, 100 Venusaur/Charizard/Blastoise Mega Energy

A Mega Moment step 4 of 4

  • Win a raid (5 Revives)
  • Defeat a Team Go Rocket grunt (2 Silver Pinap Berries)
  • Take a snapshot of your buddy (6 Hyper Potions)

Reward: 1,000 XP, 600 Stardust, 100 Venusaur/Charizard/Blastoise Mega Energy

Pokémon spawn increases during A Mega Moment

  • Bulbasaur
  • Charmander
  • Squirtle
  • Slowpoke
  • Gastly
  • Mareep
  • Buneary
  • Snover