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How to get Torkoal, Tropius, and Relicanth in Pokémon Go this weekend

You’ll need to hatch these regional Pokémon from 10 km eggs

Torkoal, Tropius, and Relicanth over a blue and green gradient Graphic: Julia Lee/Polygon | Source images: The Pokémon Company
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Torkoal, Tropius, and Relicanth — three Pokémon who are usually regional exclusive — are available for all players globally as part of the Go Tour: Hoenn event in Pokémon Go.

This gives players a great opportunity to fill in some common gaps in their Hoenn Pokédex, as they are rarely available outside of their regional habitat.

However, the challenge during the event weekend is they cannot be found in the wild, and instead can only be found in eggs.

How to get Torkoal, Tropius, and Relicanth in Pokémon Go this weekend

The only way you can get regional Pokémon Torkoal, Tropius, and Relicanth during the Go Tour Hoenn event is from hatching 10 km eggs.

To get 10 km eggs, you’ll need to spin PokéStops. The good news is the three regional Pokémon (Torkoal, Tropius, and Relicanth) will be the only Pokémon in the 10 km egg pool, making this process a little easier than most rare Pokémon appearances in eggs.

Remember, the 10 km egg pool will only change during event hours, which takes place on Feb. 25 and 26 between 10 a.m. until 6 p.m. in your local time.

Also, know that Torkoal, Tropius, and Relicanth are all available to find shiny, if you are super lucky.

Shiny Torkoal, Tropius, and Relicanth with their regular versions. Shiny Torkoal is golden, Tropius is a lighter green, and Relicanth turns blue Graphic: Julia Lee/Polygon | Source images: Niantic

Tips for getting Torkoal, Tropius, and Relicanth

Getting a 10 km egg from spinning a PokéStop is completely random. You’ll just have to make sure to spin the Stops and quickly hatch and 2 or 5 km eggs to make room for the 10 km eggs.

To help maximize egg space, we recommend not opening any gifts from friends while you have open egg slots. You also should not fight any Team Go Rocket leaders while having an open slot, as the 12 km egg reward will go there. If you have nine eggs, the 12 km egg will go into the extra storage anyway, so just hold your Rocket Radars until your egg inventory is full.

If you didn’t get lucky enough to complete these missing Pokédex entries, your friends may have hatched some, so it doesn’t hurt to ask for a trade.

Other challenges during Go Tour Hoenn includes “Chasing Legends” (free for all players), Spooky Cipher research quests and Masterwork: “Wish Granted” (premium quest from the shop).

You can also encounter Latios or Latias and Primal Kyogre and Groudon during the weekend.

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