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Pokémon Go Latios and Latias Photo Safari steps, how to catch in the wild

How to catch the surprise addition of Latios and Latias in the wild - and unlock bonus research

Latias and Latios in Pokémon Go Image: Niantic

Latios and Latias are surprise additions to the Go Tour Hoenn event weekend in Pokémon Go in Feb. 2023.

Either of these legendary Pokémon can be encountered in the wild depending on your Ruby or Sapphire choice leading up to the weekend — and by doing so, you can unlock a bonus encounter with a snapshot.

How to catch Latios or Latias in Pokémon Go this weekend

Either Latios or Latias will appear in the wild during Go Tour Hoenn event hours once you have chosen Ruby or Sapphire as part of the “Primal Rumblings” Special Research.

You will encounter Latios if you choose Ruby, and encounter Latias if you choose Sapphire.

From here, they will spawn in the wild. Similar to the Galarian legendary encounters as part of Daily Incense, these are tough to catch, and will likely flee after a single throw. As such, make sure you aim to get at least a Great Curveball throw, and use a Golden Razz Berry to improve your chances.

However, you can guarantee a catch by snapshotting them during the encounter. This will complete the Photo Safari research, which has a reward to encounter the respective Pokémon.

Update (Feb 26): It has been confirmed shiny Latios or Latias can be discovered in the wild during the event. According to players on the Silph Road subreddit, though they won’t flee, they are still difficult to catch — with reports of some players using dozens of Berries and Balls first. If this happens to you, be persistent!

Latios or Latias Photo Safari research quest steps, rewards

Depending on whether you picked Ruby or Sapphire in the “Primal Rumblings” Special Research, you’ll get either Latios or Latias Timed Research.

Ruby: Latios Photo Safari

  • Take a snapshot of Latios in the wild (381 Stardust)

Reward: Latios encounter, 10 Great Balls, 3,800 XP

Sapphire: Latias Photo Safari

  • Take a snapshot of Latias in the wild (380 Stardust)
  • Reward: Latias encounter, 10 Great Balls, 3,800 XP

Other research during Go Tour includes “Chasing Legends” (free for all players) and Masterwork: “Wish Granted” (premium quest from the shop).

You can also complete Spooky Cipher research, battle Primal Kyogre and Groudon and hatch regionals Torkoal, Tropius, and Relicanth.

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