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Pokémon Go Azurill Hatch Day event guide

How to find a shiny Azurill

Azurill, Marill, and Azumarill on a blue and green gradient background Graphic: Julia Lee/Polygon | Source images: Game Freak/Nintendo, The Pokémon Company
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Pokémon Go is hosting an Azurill Hatch Day event on Sept. 30 from 2-5 p.m. in your local time.

During the event, you’ll get doubled Stardust and candy from hatching eggs. Azurill will also hatch more frequently from 2 km eggs obtained during the event period. Those hunting for a shiny Azurill will want to take part of this event and get hatching.

How to get Shiny Azurill, Marill, and Azumarill

If you’re hunting for a shiny, your best bet is to hatch as many eggs as possible. You’ll want to find a nice place where you can walk and spin a ton of PokéStops. You’ll get eggs for spinning stops, so you’ll want to have a good supply of stops to replenish your eggs.

Shiny Azurill, Marill, and Azumarill in Pokémon Go. Both Azurill and Marill turn green from blue and Azurill turns gold. Graphic: Julia Lee/Polygon | Source images: Niantic

Azurill does have an increased shiny chance to hatch from eggs and they’ll hatch from meager 2 km eggs, meaning you should be able to hatch a ton of eggs if you just keep walking.

Once you hopefully nab your Azurill, you can evolve it using Marill Candy to get the other shinies.

Pokémon Go Azurill Hatch Day Timed Research

During the event period, you’ll have access to this Timed Research set.

Step 1 of 1

  • Hatch an egg (1,000 XP)

Reward: 1 Super Incubator

Pokémon Go Azurill Hatch Day event Field Research

If you have an open Field Research slot and spin a PokéStop during the event period, you may get one of these event research tasks:

  • Earn a candy walking with your buddy (300 XP, 3 Great Balls, or 5 Pinap Berries)
  • Spin 5 PokéStops or gyms (300 Stardust, 5 Poké Balls, or 5 Razz Berries)
  • Walk 1 km (500 Stardust)
  • Walk 3 km (2,000 Stardust)