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Pokémon Go Holiday 2020 event guide: Field Research and rewards

It’s the most wonderful time of the year

Trainers sit around a fire with Delibird, Pikachu, Cubchoo, and Vanillite Image: Niantic/The Pokémon Company

It’s winter holiday season, so Pokémon Go is hosting its yearly event to help celebrate from Dec. 22 until Dec. 31.

As usual, special Pokémon in winter outfits are appearing, like Pikachu in a hat and sweater, Cubchoo and Delibird with bows, and even the original sleigh bell Stantler. All four of these special holiday Pokémon can be found Shiny.

In addition to the holiday outfitted creatures, water- and ice-type Pokémon like Spheal, Piplup, Marill, and Snover have improved spawn rates. Vanillite, the ice cream Pokémon is also making its Pokémon Go debut with this event, so make sure to use Pinap Berries when you catch it.

The bread and butter of this event are the bonuses that swap out every two days. Each bonus begins at 12 a.m. and ends at 11:59 p.m. the following day in your local time. Here’s a schedule of what bonuses to expect when:

  • Dec. 22-23: Doubled raid XP
  • Dec. 24-25: Doubled catch candy
  • Dec. 26-27: Doubled Star Piece duration
  • Dec. 28-29: Doubled Lucky Egg duration
  • Dec. 30-31: Doubled catch Stardust

There’s also a special set of Field Research Tasks you can get from spinning Poké Stops throughout the entire event period.

Pokémon Go Holiday 2020 Field Research and rewards

Task Reward
Task Reward
Catch 15 ice-type Pokémon Cryogonal encounter
Send 5 gifts to friends Event Delibird encounter
AR Map the requested Poké Stop Snorunt encounter or Abomasnow Mega Energy
Catch 5 ice-type Pokémon Snover encounter
Catch 10 ice-type Pokémon Vanillite encounter

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