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Pokémon Go Mewtwo raid guide: Best moveset and counters

Mewtwo is one of the best attackers in the game

Photo: James Bareham/Polygon

If Mewtwo is back in Pokémon Go raids, it’s time to grab raid passes and try to catch the Legendary Pokémon, as it’s one of the best attackers in the game. In our Pokémon Go Mewtwo raid guide, we’ll list the best movesets, best counters, and biggest weaknesses.

Mewtwo was originally the star of the first batch of EX raids but has since moved to regular tier-five raids multiple times now.

Mewtwo counters and weaknesses

To take on a Mewtwo with ease, capitalize on bug-, ghost-, and dark-type moves. Here are some of the best Mewtwo counters and weaknesses:

  • Origin Forme Giratina with Shadow Claw and Shadow Ball
  • Chandelure with Hex and Shadow Ball
  • Darkrai with Snarl and Shadow Ball or Dark Pulse
  • Gengar with Lick or Shadow Claw and Shadow Ball

As usual, the most important thing is that your attacking Pokémon have moves that are super effective against Mewtwo. If you have the resources, using Mega Evolved Pokémon like Mega Gengar, Mega Houndoom, or even Mega Beedrill, will help immensely.

Weather boosts can also help. Foggy weather boosts dark- and ghost-type moves, and rainy weather boosts bug-type moves.

Mewtwo best moveset

Once you have your Mewtwo, congratulations! You now have one of the best attackers in all of Pokémon Go. The latest rerelease of Mewtwo includes the exclusive move Psystrike, the strongest psychic-type move. A Mewtwo with Confusion and Psystrike is one of the best overall DPS Pokémon in the game. If you have a legacy Mewtwo that knows Shadow Ball, hold on to it. Shadow Ball still has its uses against ghost- and psychic- types.

For non-legacy moves, Ice Beam and Thunderbolt are great as charge moves, paired with Confusion, and it turns Mewtwo into a pretty good flex attacker.

Is Mewtwo available Shiny?

Shiny Mewtwo stands with its normal version in Pokémon Go Niantic via Polygon

Lucky players may encounter a Shiny Mewtwo. If you do see a Shiny, you’ll catch it on the first ball you hit it with, so use a Pinap Berry to score some extra candy.

If Mewtwo is in raids, get out there and horde as many as you can for a huge attack boost in your raid teams and for candy ... or at least grab one to fill in your Pokédex entry.

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