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Pokémon Go guide: Welcome to Alola event

Say Alola to some new Pokémon

rowlet, litten, popplio Image: Niantic

Alolan Pokémon have been added to Pokémon Go via a Welcome to Alola event. The event hands the first handful of Pokémon that you would encounter in Pokémon Sun and Moon. Our Pokémon Go Welcome to Alola guide details the Collection Challenge, event Field Research, and Shiny Rockruff and Yungoos.

We have a separate guide for the Welcome to Alola Melemele Special Research, too.

Welcome to Alola Collection Challenge

Nab the following Pokémon for a small reward:

  • Rowlet
  • Litten
  • Popplio
  • Pikipek
  • Yungoos
  • Evolve a Yungoos into a Gumshoos

Reward: 7,000 XP, 15 Ultra Balls

Pokémon Go Welcome to Alola Field Research and rewards

Task Reward
Task Reward
Catch 7 Pokémon 10 Poké Balls or Great Balls
Use 7 berries to help catch Pokémon 7 Ultra Balls
Walk 1 KM Pikipek or Yungoos encounter

Increased Pokémon spawns in Welcome to Alola

  • Rowlet
  • Litten
  • Popplio
  • Pikipek
  • Yungoos
  • Comfey (Hawaii only)

Lucky players may find a Shiny Yungoos.

Yungoos and Gumshoos with their Shiny forms. Shiny Yungoos’ yellow fur turns lavender and Shiny Gumshoos’ yellow fur turns pink. Graphic: Julia Lee/Polygon | Image sources: Niantic

Event raid targets in Welcome to Alola

  • Bellsprout
  • Snubbull
  • Phanpy
  • Electrike
  • Rockruff
  • Raichu
  • Nidoqueen
  • Wigglytuff
  • Alolan Graveler
  • Tapu Koko

Rockruff can also be Shiny.

Shiny Rockruff with both forms of Lycanroc. All three turn blue while Shiny. Graphic: Julia Lee/Polygon | Image sources: Niantic

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