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Pokémon Go ‘Alola to Alola’ Special Research and event guide

Special Research, a Collection Challenge, and many other bonuses to celebrate the end of the season

The four Legendary Pokémon of Alola sliced into one image Image: Niantic
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The final event to wrap up Pokémon Go’s “Season of Alola” is taking place from May 25-31, and it somewhat combines all the events we got this season. The event features spawn increases for Alolan Pokémon, so if you missed out on any over the last few months, now is a great chance to catch up. Our Pokémon GoAlola to Alola” guide lists out the Special Research, spawns, and other bonuses active during the event.

Notably, you can temporarily evolve Cubone into Alolan Marowak and it will learn Shadow Bone during the event period.

“Alola to Alola” End-of-Season Special Research Tasks and rewards

Note that you can only do this Special Research if you complete all four previous task sets before June 1. If you don’t do this, you’ll have to buy a ticket to the tasks for $4.99. Once you unlock this research, it will be available permanently, so there’s no rush to complete it.

The research also branches off into four different paths featuring the different islands. Take a look at the different rewards and select the path that suits your play style and needs.

“Alola to Alola” Step 1 of 4

  • Catch 1 Pokémon (Rowlet encounter)
  • Catch 4 Pokémon (Litten encounter)
  • Catch 7 Pokémon (Popplio encounter)

Rewards: 1,000 XP, 500 Stardust, 15 Poké Balls

“Alola to Alola” Step 2 of 4

  • Choose a path

“Alola to Alola” Step 3 of 4

  • Catch 10 Pokémon (5 Razz Berries)
  • Make 3 Nice Throws (15 Great Balls)
  • Melemele Island path: Send 5 gifts to friends (1 Poffin)
  • Akala Island path: Walk 2 km (1 Incense)
  • Ula’ula Island path: Catch 5 different species of Pokémon (1 Lure Module)
  • Poni Island path: Defeat 2 Team Go Rocket grunts (1 Rocket Radar)

Rewards: 1,500 XP, 1,500 Stardust, 3 Silver Pinap Berries

“Alola to Alola” Step 4 of 4 (Melemele Island path)

  • Send 15 gifts to friends (1 Poffin)
  • Take 5 snapshots of wild Pokémon (15 Ultra Balls)
  • Trade Pokémon 3 times (1 Star Piece)
  • Earn 10 hearts with your buddy (3 Golden Razz Berries)
  • Make a new friend (1 Lure Module)

Rewards: Alolan Raichu encounter, 4 Lucky Eggs, 1 Pom-Pom Style Oricorio Hat

“Alola to Alola” Step 4 of 4 (Akala Island path)

  • Walk 7 km (1 Incense)
  • Spin 10 PokéStops or gyms (15 Ultra Balls)
  • Complete 3 Field Research Tasks (1 Star Piece)
  • Take 5 snapshots of wild Pokémon (3 Golden Razz Berries)
  • Hatch 3 eggs (1 Super Incubator)

Rewards: Alolan Marowak encounter, 2 Incubators, 1 P’au Style Oricorio Hat

“Alola to Alola” Step 4 of 4 (Ula’ula Island path)

  • Catch 30 Pokémon (1 Glacial Lure Module)
  • Make 10 curveball throws (15 Ultra Balls)
  • Use 15 berries to help catch Pokémon (1 Star Piece)
  • Make 5 nice curveball throws in a row (3 Golden Razz Berries)
  • Catch 15 different species of Pokémon (1 Magnetic Lure Module)

Rewards: Alolan Vulpix encounter, 4 Incense, 1 Baile Style Oricorio Hat

“Alola to Alola” Step 4 of 4 (Poni Island path)

  • Battle in the Go Battle League 10 times (1 Rocket Radar)
  • Defeat 4 Team Go Rocket grunts (15 Ultra Balls)
  • Power up Pokémon 10 times (1 Star Piece)
  • Defeat a Team Go Rocket Leader (3 Golden Razz Berries)
  • Win 3 trainer battles in the Go Battle League (1 Premium Battle Pass)

Rewards: Alolan Exeggutor encounter, 3 Star Pieces, 1 Sensu Style Oricorio Hat

“Alola to Alola” Collection Challenge

For doing the following, you’ll get a handful of rewards:

  • Evolve Yungoos into Gumshoos
  • Evolve Pikipek into Trumbeak
  • Evolve Rowlet into Dartrix
  • Evolve Litten into Torracat
  • Evolve Popplio into Brionne
  • Catch a Cubone
  • Catch an Alolan Rattata
  • Evolve Trumbeak into Toucannon

Rewards: 15,000 XP, Rockruff encounter, 15 Ultra Balls

Pokémon Go ‘Alola to Alola’ event Field Research and rewards

Task Reward
Task Reward
Power up a Pokémon 7 times Rowlet, Litten, or Popplio encounter
Send 3 gifts 5 Poké Balls
Send 3 gifts and add a sticker to each 3 Pinap Berries
Use 7 berries 7 Ultra Balls
Walk 1 km Pikipek or Yungoos encounter

“Alola to Alola” event spawn Pokémon

  • Alolan Rattata
  • Alolan Meowth
  • Alolan Exeggutor
  • Cubone
  • Rowlet
  • Litten
  • Popplio
  • Pikipek
  • Yungoos

“Alola to Alola” 7 km egg hatches

  • Alolan Rattata
  • Alolan Sandshrew
  • Alolan Vulpix
  • Alolan Diglett
  • Alolan Meowth
  • Alolan Grimer
  • Dewpider
  • Fomantis
  • Oranguru
  • Stufful

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