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Pokémon Go 2023 Community Day schedule

When’s the next Pokémon Go Community Day?

Pokémon and Pokémon trainers celebrate Pokémon Go’s sixth Anniversary Image: Niantic
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Pokémon Go hosts a monthly Community Day (or two!), allowing players to catch tons of one species of Pokémon and find shiny versions of it fairly easily.

Each Community Day typically features a Pokémon who either requires lots of candy to evolve or has three evolution stages. Last year, we saw an exception to this rule, as one day featured Kantonian and Alolan Sandshrew. We’ve also had Eevee Community Day in 2021, which breaks this pattern.

Niantic will also run Community Day Classic events, which bring back old Community Day Pokémon. Last year, Pokémon Go had classic events for Bulbasaur, Mudkip, and Dratini, allowing newer players to grab these very powerful older Pokémon with ease. It’s unknown when exactly Niantic chooses to run these events, as they sort of just pop up randomly.

The final Community Day of the year in December is typically a weekend-long event that brings back all of the Community Day Pokémon from earlier in the year, so don’t fret if you miss out on one of the days — you’ll be able to catch up in December.

Below, we’ve listed out all the known Community Days for 2023. Niantic sometimes announces dates without announcing what the featured Pokémon is; we’ve listed those dates below as well.

Pokémon Go 2023 Community Day schedule

Date Community Day Special move
Date Community Day Special move
Jan. 7 Chespin Frenzy Plant
Jan. 21 Larvitar (Classic) Smack Down
Feb. 5 Noibat Boomburst
March 18 Slowpoke and Galarian Slowpoke Surf
April 15 Togetic Aura Sphere
April 29 Swinub (Classic) Ancient Power
May 21 Fennekin Blast Burn
June 10 Fraxure Breaking Swipe
July 9 Squirtle (Classic) Hydro Cannon
July 30 Poliwag Counter (Poliwrath) and Ice Beam (Politoed)
Aug. 13 Froakie Hydro Cannon
Sept. 2 TBA (Classic) TBA
Sept. 23 TBA TBA
Oct. 15 TBA TBA
Nov. 5 TBA TBA
Nov. 25 TBA (Classic) TBA

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