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How to get Greavard and evolution Houndstone in Pokémon Go

How to get the undead doggos during 2023’s Halloween event

Pokémon Greavard and Houndstone Image: The Pokémon Company via Polygon

Greavard makes its debut in Pokémon Go as part of 2023’s Halloween event.

The Gen 9 ghost-type has a single evolution, Houndstone, which can also be added to your Pokédex.

Unlike’s Smoliv arrival in the “Harvest Festival” event, Greavard is not available in the wild — making it more difficult than most new Pokémon to catch multiple of.

How to get Greavard in Pokémon Go

Making its first appearance in 2023’s “Halloween Part 1” event, Greavard can be caught from the following sources:

  • “Halloween Timed Research” reward (three encounters)
  • Eerie Echoes” Timed Research reward (one encounter)
  • Three-star raids
  • Field Research (during “Halloween Part 2” between Oct. 26 and Oct. 31)

To summarize, Greavard does not appear in the wild or in eggs, meaning beyond Timed Research rewards, you need to find three-star raids, or wait until it appears in Field Research during the second half of the Halloween event.

Due to Greavard’s rarity and seasonal nature, after Oct. 31 it will likely disappear from the game until 2024’s Halloween festivities, so catch one while you can. (On the bright side, it’s more common than Spiritomb!)

How to get Houndstone in Pokémon Go

To get Houndstone in Pokémon Go, you must evolve Greavard with 50 Candy.

Even if you use a Pinap Berry on the three “Halloween Timed Research” rewards alongside an active Mega Evolution to bulk it out further, you’ll still be some Candy short. This means you have to seek out Greavard in three-star raids, have Greavard as your buddy Pokémon, or spend Rare Candy, to make up the difference.

Can Greavard be shiny in in Pokémon Go?

On its debut, Greavard cannot be shiny in Pokémon Go. Our best guess is you’ll have to wait at least one year until the next Halloween event in 2024 — though it’s possible developer Niantic may keep us waiting longer than that.

You can, however, already see what shiny Greavard looks like thanks to Pokémon Scarlet and Violet, such as in this video from Sabian on YouTube.

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