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Pokémon Go advanced strategies: Turn off AR

It makes capturing Pokémon easier, if not prettier

Sure, seeing a Weedle on the hood of your car using Pokémon Go's augmented reality feature is fun. But eventually the novelty wears off. If you can live without AR, a simple change can make catching Pokémon easier.

Do yourself a favor and tap the button at the top right of the screen the next time you enter a capture sequence.

Doing so replaces the background with a generic woodland environment, which not only makes everything clearer, but it also forces the creature to remain focused in the center of the screen instead of flitting about.

It's perfect for when you're in the middle of walking around. Instead of moving to keep Pokémon in view, it's always dead center. You can simply swipe up at all times, and capture your prize as normal.

And here's a bonus tip: Use your index finger to launch your Poké Ball, not your thumb.

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