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Pokémon Go spoof pokes fun at old folks' confused response to mobile craze

Free game has a comic take on generation gap

You may have experienced an older person, perhaps on social media, expressing some form of confusion or even exasperation at the popularity of Pokémon Go. The general befuddlement experienced by older folks at the game's success has spawned a mini-industry in mocking memes.

Take comedian Andy Richter's tweet on the issue: "Back in my day when we found a Pokémon we had to beat it to death with a rotary phone."

Then there's this cartoon from British satirical magazine Private Eye, in which an aging hippy tells a young lad that "in my day, if we wanted to see imaginary creatures, we took acid."

Now there's a video game that pokes gentle fun at the generation gap, while honoring classic Nintendo game design.

That Pokeyman Thing from Clayton Chowaniec stars an old man who is looking to find his Pokémon-obsessed grandson. Presented as a top-down RPG, the free browser game tasks the old man with finding mock Pokémon — such as A Dumb Bird, A Bug On My Phone and Idiot Rat — in order to avoid being sent to a bad old people's home.

During the game, which is clearly inspired by classic Pokémon games of yore, the grandfather interacts with Pokémon collectors as well as with old folks confused by the sudden appearance of cellphone-gazing kiddies in their vicinity.

You can play That Pokeyman Thing here.

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