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Pokémon Go update on the way, adds Buddy Pokémon

Support for Pokémon Go Plus also included.

The Pokémon Go update that will deliver the highly anticipated Buddy Pokémon feature is underway, Niantic reported yesterday.

When it arrives, users may select a Buddy Pokémon from any of the monsters in their collections. The buddy will offer "unique in-game rewards and experiences," according to Niantic's explanation. One example is the awarding of candies (used to evolve or strengthen trainers' existing Pokémon) for walking a certain distance with the buddy.

Neither the iOS App Store nor the Google Play Store in North America show the new versions available for download yet.

The update, which is 0.37.0 for Android and 1.7.0 for iOS, will also introduce Pokémon Go Plus support. The peripheral is due to launch on Sept. 16. Nintendo, the maker of the $34.99 peripheral, originally planned to launch it in July but at the end of that month pushed the date to September.

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