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Pokémon Go update fixes game’s tiny Rhyperior problem

The comically small Pokémon is a big boy now

An image of Rhyperior from the Pokémon anime. The Pokémon Company

Niantic’s latest update to Pokémon Go officially added competitive multiplayer trainer battles to the mobile game this week — a very big deal. Another unannounced change fixes a tiny but important aspect of the game: the size of Rhyperior.

Rhyperior was added to Pokémon Go in mid-October, when Niantic and The Pokémon Company introduced fourth-gen Pokémon to the game. Rhyperior requires a Sinnoh Stone to upgrade, and players were greeted by an abnormally small Pokémon in its final form when they finally got their hands on one.

Here’s a look at how out of whack Rhyperior looked, compared to its evolutionary forebears, Rhyhorn and Rhydon:

And here it is being dwarfed by a Blissey:

Six Pokemon defend a gym in Pokémon Go.

Rhyperior’s comically tiny size appears to have been a bug, considering that Rhydon stands about six feet tall and Rhyperior is supposed to stand nearly eight feel tall. In fact, it looked like Rhyperior stood as tall as the three-feet-tall Rhyhorn.

As of this week, here’s how Rhyperior measures up against its fellow gym-guarding Pokémon:

Six Pokemon defend a gym in Pokémon Go.

Welcome to the big boy club, Rhyperior.

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