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New Pokémon Go shinies discovered in massive datamine

Tons of sparkly Pokémon to discover

shiny pikachu Niantic/The Pokémon Company

One of Pokémon Go’s most active dataminers revealed a slew of new shiny Pokémon last night. Yesterday on his Twitch channel, a user named Chrales showed players their first look at more than 100 first- and second-gen shinies, which Niantic has yet to push into the full game.

Fan site Pokémon Go Hub has a detailed synopsis of the event, which isn’t archived on Chrales’ Twitch channel. He first asked viewers which Pokémon they wanted to see, before showing off every unreleased shiny version he’d found within the game’s code. Among these never-before-seen rare colorways are Charmander and its evolutions; Mewtwo; baby Pokémon Cleffa and Igglybuff; and Ho-Oh, one of the more recently released legendary Pokémon.

A full list with pictures is embedded below, courtesy of Chrales and Twitter user LeekDuck. It’s important for players to note that these are not yet available to capture in the wild, however. Now that they’re buried into the game’s code, however, this means that Niantic should now be able to release them at any time.

The reveal is huge for Pokémon Go players; not just because it’s a massive set of new Pokémon variations to keep an eye out for, but once again confirmation of major speculation. Chrales first hinted that a shiny drop would be coming on both Discord and Reddit, fueling fans’ excitement.

No word yet on when the shiny Pokémon will be available to collect, although fans point to a possible upcoming event as the release date.


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