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Bagon Community Day coming to Pokémon Go on April 13

Time to get a Salamence

Pokemon Go - Bagon Community Day
Gotta catch those Bagons.
Niantic Labs

The most recent Pokémon Go Community Day staring Treecko just ended, which means the new star of the upcoming day has been announced: Bagon.

The rock head Pokémon will be spawning in abundance on Saturday, April 13 from 3 p.m. until 6 p.m. in your local time zone. Just like any other Community Day, lures placed during this time will also last for three hours. Catch XP will also be tripled.

Community Days also typically bring about a special move that the featured ‘mon can only learn during this time, though Salamence’s special move has yet to be announced.

Salamence is a pretty good attacker and is second best next to Dragonite on a list of non-legendary dragon type attackers by GamesPress. Bagons are also pretty tough to come by, so if you need to stack your team of some more dragon-types, make sure to mark your calendars for April 13.

We likely won’t be seeing a dragon legendary in raids for a while after Dialga leaves, with the exception of the potential return of Latios to match his sister’s last return in February. Reshiram and Zekrom are from the fifth generation, but it’s never too early to start stacking some dragons on your team.

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