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Pokémon Go June Community Day will feature Slakoth

So cute! So lazy!

Slakoth hangs out on a tree to pose for a Community Day photo. Niantic
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The next Pokémon Go Community Day will be on Saturday, June 8 from 3-6 p.m. in your local time zone and will feature Slakoth.

This means Slakoth will spawn at a heavily increased rate and there will also be a higher chance to score the sloth-like Pokémon in its Shiny form.

Slakoth’s evolution line compared with their Shiny forms.
Shiny Slakoth is pink!
Image: Niantic via Polygon

Lures will also extend to three hours, typical of Community Days, and eggs will hatch in one-fourth the normal time. That being said, save all your Super Incubators for this day, as only eggs put in Incubators during the three-hour Community Day window will receive that perk.

Slakoth will also be getting a special move when it evolves into a Slaking, but it has yet to be announced. As with recent Community Days, we’ll likely find out a few days before the event.

Slaking isn’t a great attacker, but it’s a pretty solid defender, worth dropping into gyms. Being tankier than most Pokémon, a high-CP Slakoth can be used as an anchor in raids as well, giving your teammates enough time to heal up their ‘mons and jump back into battle.

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