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October’s Pokémon Go Community Day is all about Trapinch

The weird termite critter finally gets its time to shine

Trapinch sits in the desert sand Niantic

The next Pokémon Go Community Day has been announced for Oct. 12, and it’s going to feature Trapinch, the adorable ground-type Pokémon. The Community Day event will take place from 11 a.m. until 2 p.m. in your local time.

Trapinch final evolution is Flygon, a ground- and dragon-type. While Flygon isn’t very meta-relevant Pokémon right now, its special Community Day move could change that. Players are already speculating that it could learn the powerful Earth Power move, which would make it a pretty good ground-type attacker. If it does learn a dragon-type move, like Draco Meteor, it’ll be outclassed by other dragon-types, but still worth collecting.

As with all Community Days, the star Pokémon, Trapinch, will be available Shiny at a higher rate. After the Community Day is over, Trapinch will be available Shiny through normal means, though at a much lower rate.

The Community Day will also have tripled catch XP and all lures placed will last for three hours during the event period.

Shiny Trapinch, Vibrava, and Flygon stand next to their Pokémon Go Shiny variants Image: Niantic via Polygon

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