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Pokémon Go World Tourism Day event brings Mime Jr., Shiny Zangoose and Seviper

Finally, Mime Jr. has arrived

A photo of Zangoose in Pokemon Go on an iPhone X Michael McWhertor/Polygon

Pokémon Go’s latest event is focusing on regional Pokémon and it’s finally bringing Mime Jr. to the game.

Starting Sept. 26 at 4 p.m. ET, Mime Jr., the baby Pokémon that evolves into Mr. Mime, can be hatched from eggs — but only players in Europe will be able to hatch the baby. Along with Seviper and Zangoose, Mime Jr. will be available Shiny for lucky players. Zangoose and Seviper are both migratory Pokémon, and as of writing this, Seviper is available in North America, South America, and Africa, while Zangoose is available in Europe, Asia, and Australia.

Regional Pokémon found in your area will hatch from five kilometer eggs, but note that regional Pokémon that you wouldn’t usually find around you will not appear in these eggs. This means that if you’re in the Americas, you’re not going to hatch any Farfetch’d.

Other perks during the event include a decreased Stardust cost when trading, PokéStops giving extra XP when you spin them, and some special Field Research tasks. There will also be a new shirt to purchase in the shop that has the United Nations World Tourism Organization logo on it.

The event ends on Oct. 1 at 4 p.m. ET.

Zangoose, Seviper, and Mime. Jr stand next to their Shiny forms in Pokémon Go Niantic via Polygon

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