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Pokémon Go’s March events bring Thundurus to raids, special raid weekends

No official announcement of a Community Day has happened yet, but a bunch of other stuff has gotten announced

A group of Ferroseed glow blue alongside a rock Image: The Pokémon Company via Bulbapedia
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Pokémon Go’s March events are kicking off and they feature more Legendary Pokémon in raids, a psychic-type event, and another Team Go Rocket takeover.

Monthly changes have already started to take place on March 1, with Giovanni now swapping to Shadow Entei as his prize Pokémon and Ferroseed becoming the Research Breakthrough encounter. Both of these will change on April 1.

Thundurus, the second of the Forces of Nature, will join raids on March 2. Since the electric- and flying-type Legendary Pokémon is the second of the trio to join raids, this means that April will definitely bring Landorus to the game.

Each weekend in March will also host a different Legendary Pokémon in raids, with a chance to find the featured Pokémon Shiny. Darkrai will be in raids again from March 6-9, Altered Forme Giratina will return from March 13-16, Cobalion will trot back into raids from March 20-23, and Lugia will appear in raids from March 27-30.

A “mysterious weekend event” is also hitting the game from March 20-23, with normal-, fire-, water-, electric-, and ice-type Pokémon appearing more often in the wild. Nincada will also be spawning more often, with its Shiny debut. There’ll also be an abundance of steel- and bug-type Pokémon in raids. This weekend will have a Special Research story event, and if we had to guess, it probably has something to do with the bug- and steel-type Legendary Pokémon, Genesect.

There’ll also be a Team Rocket global take-over from March 6-9, with more poison- and dark-type Pokémon spawning in the wild, as well as Shiny Skorupi. During the event, you’ll be able to earn doubled Stardust from beating Team Rocket grunts and they’ll be out more frequently.

The final Pokémon Go event for March is a Psychic Spectacular event from March 27-30. More psychic-types will be spawning in the wild, with Solosis and Gothita, two psychic-types from Unova, debuting in the wild for the first time. Baltoy’s Shiny form will also be released and more psychic-types will hatch out of two kilometer eggs.

There was no mention of the rumored Abra Community Day in this update, but news on it should be coming soon.

Correction: This article has been updated to correct information about Thundurus as the second Force of Nature to appear in Pokémon Go.

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