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Pokémon Legends Arceus guide: Effort levels and Grit items

Boost up your Pokémon’s stats even further

A Pokémon trainer stands in from of Zisu, a red-haired NPC Image: Game Freak/Nintendo via Polygon
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Pokémon Legends: Arceus uses a new type of special stat: effort levels. Rather than Individual Values (IVs) and Effort Values (EVs), you’ll need to raise new effort levels to Pokémon up your Pokémon. Our Pokémon Legends: Arceus effort level guide explains what effort levels are and how to raise them using Grit Dust, Gravel, Pebbles, and Rocks.

What are effort levels?

Effort levels are Pokémon Legends: Arceus’ new bonus stat. Raising these levels raises your Pokémon’s stats beyond what they already get from leveling up. The higher level it is, the more of the stat it raises. You can check your Pokémon’s effort levels in its summary menu.

A stat screen for a Hisuian Typhlosion, showing that it has had Grit items used on it Image: Game Freak/Nintendo via Polygon

How do I raise effort levels?

You’ll need to use Grit items, like Grit Dust, Gravel, Pebbles, and Rocks. The higher you want to raise your Pokémon’s effort level, the bigger Grit item you need to use.

Grit Dust raises the effort level from 0-3, Grit Gravel raises the effort level from 3-6, Grit Pebbles raise the effort level from 6-9, and Grit Rock raises the effort level from 9-10. Each item will raise the selected stat by one effort level.

How do I get more Grit items?

There are many ways to find Grit items. Pokémon will often leave some behind when you release them. Defeating Alpha Pokémon will also reward Grit items. Random other Pokémon may also drop them.

If you have a surplus of lower-level Grit items, you can trade in some to Zisu in the Jubilife Village Training Grounds at a rate of 10:1. For example, you can trade 10 Grit Dust for 1 Grit Gravel or 10 Grit Pebbles for 1 Grit Rock.

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