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Pokémon Scarlet and Violet gym rematch guide

It’s time to test how the gym leaders are doing

Tulip, the psychic-type gym leader with purple hair, walks to her position in a gym leader rematch Image: Game Freak, The Pokémon Company/Nintendo via Polygon

After completing the main story in Pokémon Scarlet and Violet, you’ll need to head back and rematch the gym leaders to unlock more content.

Each gym leader has beefed up a little bit, evolving their original party and adding in a few new creatures to make things a bit harder. You will not need to do the gym test again. Just walk into the building and you’ll a chance to get battle the leader. You can only rematch each gym leader once (according to what we’ve experienced, at least).

Below we list all the gyms and their rematch teams. These levels do not vary or increase, so you don’t need to do them in any specific order. We’ve listed them in their original order for organization’s sake.

By the time you get here, you should know the drill, but we listed out their weaknesses below anyway.

Cortondo gym (Katy, bug) battle rematch

Weaknesses: flying, fire, rock

  1. Lokix, level 65 (bug/dark)
  2. Forretress, level 65 (bug/steel)
  3. Heracross, level 65 (bug/fighting)
  4. Spidops, level 65 (bug)
  5. Ursaring, level 66 (normal with bug Tera Type)

Artazon gym (Brassius, grass) battle rematch

Weaknesses: bug, fire, flying, ice, poison

  1. Lilligant, level 65 (grass)
  2. Tsareena, level 65 (grass)
  3. Breloom, level 65 (grass/fighting)
  4. Arboliva, level 65 (grass/normal)
  5. Sudowoodo, level 66 (rock with grass Tera Type)

Leinvica gym (Iono, electric) battle rematch

Weaknesses: ground

  1. Kilowattrel, level 65 (electric/flying)
  2. Luxray, level 65 (electric)
  3. Bellibolt, level 65 (electric)
  4. Electrode, level 65 (electric)
  5. Mismagius, level 66 (ghost with electric Tera Type)

Cascarrafa gym (Kofu, water) battle rematch

Weaknesses: electric, grass

  1. Veluza, level 65 (water/psychic)
  2. Pelipper, level 65 (water/flying)
  3. Clawitzer, level 65 (water)
  4. Wugtrio, level 65 (water)
  5. Crabominable, level 66 (fighting/ice with water Tera Type)

Medali gym (Larry, normal) battle rematch

Weaknesses: fighting

  1. Oinkolonge, level 65 (normal)
  2. Braviary, level 65 (normal/flying)
  3. Dudunsparce, level 65 (normal)
  4. Komala, level 65 (normal)
  5. Staraptor, level 66 (normal/flying with normal Tera Type)

Montenevera gym (Ryme, ghost) battle rematch

Weaknesses: ghost, dark

  1. Mimikyu, level 65 (ghost/fairy)
  2. Banette, level 65 (ghost)
  3. Houndstone, level 65 (ghost)
  4. Spiritomb, level 65 (ghost/dark)
  5. Toxtricity, level 66 (electric with ghost Tera Type)

Alfornada gym (Tulip, psychic) battle rematch

Weaknesses: bug, dark, ghost

  1. Farigiarf, level 65 (normal/psychic)
  2. Gallade, level 65 (psychic/fighting)
  3. Gardevior, level 65 (psychic/fairy)
  4. Espathra, level 65 (psychic)
  5. Florges, level 66 (fairy with psychic Tera Type)

Glaseado gym (Grusha, ice) battle rematch

Weaknesses: fire, fighting, rock, steel

  1. Frosmoth, level 65 (ice/bug)
  2. Beartic, level 65 (ice)
  3. Cetitan, level 65 (ice)
  4. Weavile, level 65 (dark/ice)
  5. Altaria, level 66 (dragon/flying with ice Tera Type)

Once you beat all the gym leaders for the second time, you’ll be summoned back to your school for the Academy Ace Tournament, which effectively replaces the series’ historical option rematch the Elite Four. Rather than spamming the Pokémon League, you’ll be able to fight four random students and teachers from school at high levels for money and EXP.

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