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Pokémon Sword and Shield guide: How to cook curry, full recipe list, and rankings

Mmm... bitter cheese curry...

Bitter Cheese Curry Game Freak, The Pokémon Company/Nintendo

In Pokémon Sword and Shield’s camps, you can cook curry for you and your Pokémon. It’s important for a few reasons. For one, it’s a fun little mini-game. It’s also a good way to heal your Pokémon and bond with them, both of which have their own benefits.

Developer Game Freak said there are more than 100 types of curry in Sword and Shield. Some sound delicious. Others, much less so. Oh, and you also feed your Pokémon other Pokémon.

How to make every curry in Pokémon Sword and Shield

Game Freak, The Pokémon Company/Nintendo via Polygon

Curries are made with a combination of special ingredients and berries. Berries adjust flavors, while the special ingredients change the the kind of curry. You’ll find berries in trees and scattered on the ground — you’ll see sparkles when there’s something to pick up. Special ingredients are most commonly sold by Ingredient Vendors in the Wild Area, but there are some you’ll find on the ground. Interacting with other trainers in the Wild Area will also net you some ingredients, too. Fun fact: On your birthday, you’ll get a candle in your curry.

We’ve bolded each of the main, original curries that change according to the special ingredient. To adjust flavors, you must add berries of the same flavor, alongside the key ingredient listed next to the original curry.

It can be a little confusing but here’s an example. Let’s say you’re trying to make Sweet Apple Curry. The recipe would be:
1 Fancy Apple as the key ingredient
1 or more of these types of “sweet” berries: Salac, Aspear, Wiki, Iapapa, Colbur

List of Berries

  • Spicy: Tanga, Cheri, Tamato
  • Dry: Leppa, Chesto, Passho, Chilan, Kebia
  • Sweet: Salac, Pecha
  • Bitter: Coba, Rawst, Aguav
  • Sour: Salac, Aspear, Wiki, Iapapa, Colbur
  • Neutral: Sitrus, Lum, Hondew

There are lots of berries around Galar, each of which will adjust your curry’s flavor. This isn’t a full list — we’ll update as we find more berries. You can check berries yourself for their flavor profile, though. You’ll find it in the item description.

List of Curries + Key Ingredients

  1. Curry — Key Ingredient: None
  2. Spicy Curry
  3. Dry Curry
  4. Sweet Curry
  5. Bitter Curry
  6. Sour Curry
  7. Sausage Curry — Key Ingredient: Sausages
  8. Spicy Sausage Curry
  9. Dry Sausage Curry
  10. Sweet Sausage Curry
  11. Bitter Sausage Curry
  12. Sour Sausage Curry
  13. Juicy Curry — Key Ingredient: Bob’s Food Tin
  14. Spicy Juicy Curry
  15. Dry Juicy Curry
  16. Sweet Juicy Curry
  17. Bitter Juicy Curry
  18. Sour Juicy Curry
  19. Rich Curry — Key Ingredient: Bach’s Food Tin
  20. Spicy Rich Curry
  21. Dry Rich Curry
  22. Sweet Rich Curry
  23. Bitter Rich Curry
  24. Sour Rich Curry
  25. Bean Medley Curry — Key Ingredient: Tin of Beans
  26. Spicy Bean Medley Curry
  27. Dry Bean Medley Curry
  28. Sweet Bean Medley Curry
  29. Bitter Bean Medley Curry
  30. Sour Bean Medley Curry
  31. Toast Curry — Key Ingredient: Bread
  32. Spicy Toast Curry
  33. Dry Toast Curry
  34. Sweet Toast Curry
  35. Bitter Toast Curry
  36. Sour Toast Curry
  37. Pasta Curry — Key Ingredient: Pasta
  38. Spicy Pasta Curry
  39. Dry Pasta Curry
  40. Sweet Pasta Curry
  41. Bitter Pasta Curry
  42. Sour Pasta Curry
  43. Mushroom Medley Curry — Key Ingredient: Mixed Mushrooms
  44. Spicy Mushroom Medley Curry
  45. Dry Mushroom Medley Curry
  46. Sweet Mushroom Medley Curry
  47. Bitter Mushroom Medley Curry
  48. Sour Mushroom Medley Curry
  49. Smoked-Tail Curry — Key Ingredient: Smoked-poke Tail
  50. Spicy Smoked-Tail Curry
  51. Dry Smoked-Tail Curry
  52. Sweet Smoked-Tail Curry
  53. Bitter Smoked-Tail Curry
  54. Sour Smoked-Tail Curry
  55. Leek Curry — Key Ingredient: Large Leek
  56. Spicy Leek Curry
  57. Dry Leek Curry
  58. Sweet Leek Curry
  59. Bitter Leek Curry
  60. Sour Leek Curry
  61. Apple Curry — Key Ingredient: Fancy Apple
  62. Spicy Apple Curry
  63. Dry Apple Curry
  64. Sweet Apple Curry
  65. Bitter Apple Curry
  66. Sour Apple Curry
  67. Bone Curry — Key Ingredient: Brittle Bones
  68. Spicy Bone Curry
  69. Dry Bone Curry
  70. Sweet Bone Curry
  71. Bitter Bone Curry
  72. Sour Bone Curry
  73. Plenty-of-Potato Curry — Key Ingredient: Pack of Potatoes
  74. Spicy Plenty-of-Potato Curry
  75. Dry Plenty-of-Potato Curry
  76. Sweet Plenty-of-Potato Curry
  77. Bitter Plenty-of-Potato Curry
  78. Sour Plenty-of-Potato Curry
  79. Herb Medley Curry — Key Ingredient: Pungent Root
  80. Spicy Herb Medley Curry
  81. Dry Herb Medley Curry
  82. Sweet Herb Medley Curry
  83. Bitter Herb Medley Curry
  84. Sour Herb Medley Curry
  85. Salad Curry — Key Ingredient: Salad Mix
  86. Spicy Salad Curry
  87. Dry Salad Curry
  88. Sweet Salad Curry
  89. Bitter Salad Curry
  90. Sour Salad Curry
  91. Fried-Food Curry — Key Ingredient: Fried Food
  92. Spicy Fried-Food Curry
  93. Dry Fried-Food Curry
  94. Sweet Fried-Food Curry
  95. Bitter Fried-Food Curry
  96. Sour Fried-Food Curry
  97. Boiled-Egg Curry — Key Ingredient: Boiled Egg
  98. Spicy Boiled-Egg Curry
  99. Dry Boiled-Egg Curry
  100. Sweet Boiled-Egg Curry
  101. Bitter Boiled-Egg Curry
  102. Sour Boiled-Egg Curry
  103. Tropical Curry — Key Ingredient: Fruit Bunch
  104. Spicy Tropical Curry
  105. Dry Tropical Curry
  106. Sweet Tropical Curry
  107. Bitter Tropical Curry
  108. Sour Tropical Curry
  109. Cheese-Covered Curry — Key Ingredient: Moomoo Cheese
  110. Spicy Cheese-Covered Curry
  111. Dry Cheese-Covered Curry
  112. Sweet Cheese-Covered Curry
  113. Bitter Cheese-Covered Curry
  114. Sour Cheese-Covered Curry
  115. Seasoned Curry — Key Ingredient: Spice Mix
  116. Spicy Seasoned Curry
  117. Dry Seasoned Curry
  118. Sweet Seasoned Curry
  119. Bitter Seasoned Curry
  120. Sour Seasoned Curry
  121. Whipped-Cream Curry — Key Ingredient: Fresh Cream
  122. Spicy Whipped-Cream Curry
  123. Dry Whipped-Cream Curry
  124. Sweet Whipped-Cream Curry
  125. Bitter Whipped-Cream Curry
  126. Sour Whipped-Cream Curry
  127. Decorative Curry — Key Ingredient: Packaged Curry
  128. Spicy Decorative Curry
  129. Dry Decorative Curry
  130. Sweet Decorative Curry
  131. Bitter Decorative Curry
  132. Sour Decorative Curry
  133. Coconut Curry — Key Ingredient: Coconut Milk
  134. Spicy Coconut Curry
  135. Dry Coconut Curry
  136. Sweet Coconut Curry
  137. Bitter Coconut Curry
  138. Sour Coconut Curry
  139. Instant Noodle Curry — Key Ingredient: Instant Noodles
  140. Spicy Instant Noodle Curry
  141. Dry Instant Noodle Curry
  142. Sweet Instant Noodle Curry
  143. Bitter Instant Noodle Curry
  144. Sour Instant Noodle Curry
  145. Burger-Steak Curry — Key Ingredient: Precooked Burger
  146. Spicy Burger-Steak Curry
  147. Dry Burger-Steak Curry
  148. Sweet Burger-Steak Curry
  149. Bitter Burger-Steak Curry
  150. Sour Burger-Steak Curry

More curries are still being discovered, so keep checking back!

Curry Rankings

Doing an excellent job cooking curry will award a higher curry ranking, though we’re not positive on the specifics of those yet, but the process includes three steps: Fanning flames, stirring a pot, and throwing in your metaphorical heart. A higher ranked curry gives your Pokémon more HP and restores PP. Pokémon get friendlier, too. We’ll update this post once we figure out how to get that highest curry ranking consistently.

From what we know so far, the rankings are as follows, from best to worst:

  1. Charizard Class (Gold): Restores HP, PP, and status conditions. Pokémon gains “a lot” of experience and get “quite friendly toward you.”
  2. Copperajah Class (Silver): Restores HP, PP, and status conditions. Pokémon gains “a lot” of experience and get “quite friendly toward you.”
  3. Milcery Class (Bronze): Restores HP and status conditions. Pokémon gains experience and get friendlier.
  4. Wobbuffet Class: Restores HP by half. Pokémon gains “a few” experience points and get friendlier.
  5. Koffing Class: Restores HP “a little bit.” Pokémon gains “a few” experience points and get friendlier.

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