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Where to buy special Pokéballs in Pokémon Sword and Shield

How to catch them all

Game Freak/The Pokemon Company/Nintendo

While you can buy the garden variety Pokéballs at any Pokémon Center in the game, as you get farther into your journey, you’re going to need fancier tools to catch more difficult creatures.

You get a taste of the many specialty Pokéballs that exist in the game thanks to the lovable Ball Guy, but he only ever gives you a handful. If you’re eager to spend some hard earned cash and watts on a specific type of Pokéball, this guide will show you where to get them.

Special Pokéballs you can buy at Pokémon Centers

At first, you can only buy your standard Pokéball from the Pokémon Center. But as you progress through the game, Great and Ultra balls will become available as you receive more gym badges.

There are also several specialty Pokéballs you can purchase at different Pokémon Centers throughout of the game’s major towns.

  • Dive Ball: Hammerlocke
  • Dusk Ball: Hammerlocke
  • Heal Ball: Motostoke
  • Luxury Ball: Wyndon
  • Nest Ball: Motostoke
  • Net Ball: Motostoke
  • Quick Ball: Wyndon
  • Repeat Ball: Wyndon
  • Timer Ball: Hammerlocke

Special Pokéballs you can buy from Watt Traders

While you can always fast travel back to any town’s Pokémon Centers to purchase more balls, you can also trade in the watts you receive to various Watt Traders around the Wild Area. The selection that Watt Traders have rotates periodically, so while a Trader might have a ball you need today, they may not be selling the same one tomorrow. Watt Traders can be found in the areas marked:

Pokémon Sword and Shield Watt Trader locations highlighted on a map with arrows Game Freak, The Pokémon Company/Nintendo via Polygon

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