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Pokémon Sword and Shield: The Crown Tundra’s “Spread my voice” tombstone guide

How to get Spirtomb

Pokémon trainers standing in front of a tomb Image: Nintendo/Gamefreak, The Pokémon Company via Polygon

Hidden in a far corner of the The Crown Tundra is a small puzzle containing one of Pokémon Sword and Shield’s more elusive creatures. A single tombstone sits next to a tree with the words, “Spread my voice” inscribed on it.

In this Pokémon Sword and Shield guide, we’ll show you how to solve this tombstone puzzle and how it gives you the chance to capture Spiritomb.

“Spread my voice” tombstone puzzle solution

To the east of Dyna Hill’s fast travel location is a small path along the water. There you’ll find a single tree and a tombstone against a cliff wall.

A map from Pokémon Sword and Shield
What’s a tombstone doing here?
Image: Nintendo/Gamefreak, The Pokémon Company via Polygon

If you interact with the tombstone, you’ll get a message saying the words, “Spread my voice” are etched into the tombstone. To heed the instructions, you need to connect online and speak to other trainers.

There is no indication of how many you need to speak to, but after speaking to 32 trainers, you’ll fulfill the requirements to summon a Spiritomb.

We found the best place to speak to other trainers is near the tombstone itself and other major fast travel locations like the Crown Tundra station, Freezington, and the locations of the Terrible Titans temples.

If you speak to all the trainers you need to while still near the tombstone, the inscription will change to read, “My voice has been heard.” If you’ve read that change, you’ll need to fast travel to another location, then head back to the tombstone to summon Spiritomb. If you fulfill the requirement while away from the tombstone, the Pokémon will be there waiting for you.

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