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The Pokémon anime gets hairy as the most fabulous monster gets the spotlight

Alolan Dugtrio gets its starring turn

The Pokémon Company via Pokémon Go Master

If you have yet to gaze upon the majestic coif of Alolan Dugtrio — a region-specific version of the biologically curious Pokémon that debuted in Pokémon Sun and Moon — the new episode of the Pokémon anime is here to help. This morning’s installment of Sun and Moon starred the long-haired blonds, giving us a chance to see those flowing manes in motion.

That’s not the only reason we’re here, of course. Alolan Dugtrio is an irresistible beauty, with three different stylish haircuts on (presumably) one bod. But how do Ash Ketchum and his friends look as blonds? That’s what this episode set out to answer.

Ash and co. don Alolan Dugtrio-style wigs, for whatever reason.
The Pokémon Company via Pokémon Go Master

Y’know, Ash and Pikachu kind of make it work. Kiwame, one of the Alola region’s Island Trial Captains, on the other hand ...

Best of all is the Rotom Pokédex, Ash’s sentient pocket encyclopedia of all things Pokémon. It really rocks that long, blond hair.

Girl, work.
The Pokémon Company via Pokémon Go Master

It’s an all-around extra weird episode of the Pokémon anime, based on fan site Pokémon Go Master’s full recap. We can’t totally parse how these hairdos serve the plot, nor the reason behind everyone shedding their blond wigs in the episode’s final moments:

The Pokémon Company via Pokémon Go Master

And whatever caused this hilarious sight gag is totally beyond us, but we love it anyway:

We’re also digging Meowth’s hairdo.
The Pokémon Company via Pokémon Go Master

There’s also this wig-based reference to some of the cartoon series’ former heroes, including Brock, Misty and May, which is pretty cool to see:

All of this is to say that we’re thankful that Alolan Dugtrio’s golden locks got its day in the Sun and Moon anime, because we’ve all been in awe of it since its first appearance back in the games’ demo last fall.

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