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Pokémon Sun and Moon players have one week to get Pikachu clad in Ash’s original hat

More limited-edition Pikachu to be released in the coming weeks

The Pokémon Company is giving North American Pokémon Sun and Moon players the opportunity to get their own Pikachu clad in Ash’s original, iconic hat for one week.

The company announced today that six limited-edition Pikachu would be available to download for free in the coming weeks to celebrate Pokémon the Movie: I Choose You!. The same limited-edition Pikachu were released earlier this year in Japan.

Each Pikachu, who will be released weekly, comes with a different version of Ash’s hat referencing the different regions the duo travelled to over the course of the last two decades in Pokémon. Those who want to get a version of Pikachu in Ash’s original hat that he wore while traveling through the Kanto and Johto regions must do so by Sept. 25.

The Kanto and Johto-inspired Pikachu will also come with a few novel additions to his character. This Pikachu will be able to execute moves associated with attack he used in those regions. Even cuter, Pikachu will come in a Poké Ball as a wink-and-nod to the fact Ash’s Pikachu refused to travel in a Poké Ball.

Here’s the caveat: Although there are six different Pikachu, the code can only be entered once. That means players must choose one Pikachu from the six and enter the code during the week that version is available. The schedule for the different Pokémon are as follows:

Original Cap: Sept. 19 - Sept. 25

Hoenn Cap: Sept. 26 - Oct. 2

Sinnoh Cap: Oct. 3 - Oct. 9

Unova Cap: Oct. 10 - Oct. 16

Kalos Cap: Oct. 17 - Oct. 23

Alola Cap: Oct. 24 - Oct. 30

For more information on how to download Pikachu and integrate it into your game of Pokémon Sun or Moon, be sure to check out the details on The Pokémon Company’s official site.

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