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Pokémon Go leans hard into Bidoof meme, now that it finally can

Honoring the one true Pokémon god

A group of four Bidoof hang out by the water
Behold — the pantheon of Bidoof
Niantic/The Pokémon Company
Petrana Radulovic is an entertainment reporter specializing in animation, fandom culture, theme parks, Disney, and young adult fantasy franchises.

Generation four Pokémon recently debuted on Pokémon Go, bringing some Sinnoh favorites to the mobile game. Most importantly, Bidoof is now a catchable Pokémon!

Bidoof is a normal type Pokemon, described as a “plump mouse Pokémon,” though it really gives off some beaver vibes. It appears very early on in the Sinnoh games, essentially rendering it the Rattata of Gen Four, but cute and chubby, with eyes that emit all things love and kindness. Although it can learn a lotta Hidden Moves, Bidoof is also essentially worthless when it comes to stats and usually regarded as totally useless.

Which, of course, is why people have exaggerated Bidoof’s powers and claimed it to be an almost godlike entity. It’s especially funny considering that Generation Four is when Arceus, rightfully the actual god/creator figure of Pokémon, was introduced. Move aside Arceus, because Bidoof is actually the one true god.

There’s a subreddit dedicated to Bidoof the one true Pokémon god, as well as numerous YouTube videos and a very flattering Urban Dictionary entry about Bidoof’s omnipotent powers. Bidoof was meme’d to death (literally) before “meme” was even present in the common person’s vocabulary.

Praise Bidoof!

Now that Generation Four is finally out, Pokémon Go is giving the fans exactly what they want: more Bidoof. The official Pokémon Go account tweeted a poll, asking trainers to vote on which Sinnoh Pokémon to celebrate first. Naturally, there was one obvious answer.

And thus, it was decreed. Today, October the 22nd of the great year 2018 will henceforth be known as Bidoof Day. Bidoof! Bidoof! Bidoof!

The account encouraged trainers to share their pictures of this great Pokémon out in the wild and the results do not disappoint. Each one is a holy image, after all.

This person wasted no time in declaring Bidoof a god.

This trainer gave Bidoof a crown, rightfully so.

A deity among Pokémon, Bidoof is finally getting the treatment it deserves.

Pokémon Go, you’re doing it right. Praise Bidoof!