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The best and most unexpected Pokémon you can ride in Pokémon: Let’s Go!


haunter in pokemon let’s go Game Freak/Nintendo

There are many wonderful things to enjoy in Pokémon: Let’s Go!, and perhaps one of the most delightful — after styling your partner Pokémon, of course — is letting your Pokémon out of their Poké Balls and having them follow you around. It’s a mechanic that hasn’t been seen in Pokémon games since SoulSilver and HeartGold, which is a shame, since it’s one of the most satisfying interactions in the game.

This interaction lets you turn around at any time to talk to your buddy and see how they’re doing. Sometimes they’ll be happy, sometimes they’ll be restless, sometimes they’ll be spooked. Occasionally, they’ll spot something in the bushes and run to retrieve it.

But one of the best parts of letting a Pokémon out is riding them.

Pokémon Sun and Moon introduced Ride Pokémon, which basically replaced HMs like Fly, Surf and Strength. But since your partner Pikachu or Eevee in Let’s Go! essentially learns all those moves with its Secret Techniques, there’s really no reason to ride Pokémon other than the fact that it’s just plain fun. This also means you don’t need to unlock any moves (with two exceptions) or special equipment to ride your ’mons: Just get a Pokémon big enough, take it out of its Poké Ball and you’re on your way.

Which Pokémon can you ride?

For the most part, if you think you can ride it, you probably can. Rapidash, Tauros and Arcanine, for instance, are very obvious ride choices. You can also ride on Rhyhorn and Rhydon, as well as Persian and Onix.

onix in pokemon let’s go
The pioneers used to ride these babies for miles
Game Freak/Nintendo

But there’s also some unexpected and totally fun Pokémon that you can mount and explore Kanto while riding.


Machamp is a provider. It holds you securely with its top set of arms and cradles your buddy close with its bottom set. There’s not a moment of doubt that this strong ’mon will drop you, because that’s not what a champion does.

machamp in pokemon let’s go
I trust him with my life
Game Freak/The Pokémon Company

Haunter (but not Gengar)

Live your Goth dreams and ride your Haunter. The ghost-type is a swiftly moving mount, who glides effortlessly (but not across water). While you can ride Haunter, unfortunately you can’t ride its evolution, Gengar.

haunter in pokemon let’s go
Spooky goals
Game Freak/Nintendo


Those spindly legs are strong enough to support a human and their buddy!

dodrio in pokemon let’s go
Game Freak/Nintendo


Grasping onto your Snorlax’s stomach can’t be comfortable, but hey, it’s an option. Snorlax moves slower than the rest of the rideable Pokémon, lumbering along at its own casual pace.

snorlax in pokemon let’s go Game Freak/Nintendo


Tucking your buddy gently in its pouch, Kangaskhan is a steadfast companion who will protect you as fiercely as it protects its child.

kangaskhan in pokemon lets go Game Freak/Nintendo


Contrary to what you might think, Starmie doesn’t strut around on its pointy little nubs, but instead floats elegantly in the air as you steer it. How is this possible? Who really cares?

starmie in pokemon let’s go
Just go with it
Game Freak/Nintendo

What about in the water?

Kanto is a very diverse region, and there are certain areas that you can only get to on the water. The previous rideable Pokémon won’t show up if you take them out while using the Secret Technique Sea Skim, which you pick up from a dude talking to his Lapras outside the Go Park complex). Instead, you have the option of two larger water-based Pokémon when you cruise the sea, both of which will not show up if you’re traveling by land (you’ll get a little message telling you to use Sea Skim if you try).


Lapras was just made for riding, and after getting one from a man in Silph Co., you can pull it up while Sea Skimming and skim in style.

lapras in pokemon lets go Game Freak/Nintendo


It would be cruel to take Gyarados out of its Poké Ball on the land. Ride around on Gyarados for an elevated view of the great big blue.

gyarados in pokemon lets go Game Freak/Nintendo

What about in the air?

After defeating the Elite Four, you’ll be able to ride a Charizard, Dragonite or Aerodactyl while in the sky and encounter Flying-type Pokémon, as well as fly over some smaller buildings.

Game Freak/Nintendo

Have any neat stories or screengrabs of your Pokémon-riding in action? Get riding and share your adventures!

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