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This gigantic Lapras plush is the only friend we need

Sorry to everyone else in our lives

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gigantic lapras plush The Pokémon Company/Bandai

Bandai, purveyor of such goods as that gigantic Kirby plush and that gigantic Snorlax plush, has done it again. Inspired by the Pokémon anime’s most adorable mode of transportation, the company is releasing a gigantic Lapras plush. And this one is for more than just for hugging: It’s perfect to sit on, and for imagining that it can carry us far, far away from our troubles.

For 79,400 Yen — or around $750 — this 47-inch Lapras can reside in your home. (That’s more than 10 inches bigger than the $250 Lapras plush available from the U.S. Pokémon Center, by the way.) Pre-orders are open from Bandai’s Japanese storefront now, with shipments expect to be delivered beginning in July.

It should be said that Lapras is a water-type Pokémon, and it tends to stay away from land ... which makes this big guy especially special. I’d frankly be honored to have a Lapras dock upon our shores and venture out into the human world, which can often be an unwelcoming hellscape, a place riddled with inexplicable coldness and unwavering terror.

But Lapras was always a highly accommodating member of Ash Ketchum’s Pokémon party, letting the lackluster trainer jump on for a ride across the Orange Islands’ waters. It’s unclear whether this plush is buoyant or even water-resistant, but we’d advise that you keep it confined to your living room or bedroom.

the gigantic lapras plush
“Lapras, you’re too pure for this world.”
The Pokémon Company/Bandai

I’ll still be sure to prepare my Lapras plush for the manmade horrors of this mortal coil through every possible means. On the comfort of its shell seat, however, perhaps I’ll find the solace that so often eludes me in everyday life. A gigantic Lapras may just be the one friend to relieve us all of the pain. (Too bad it costs nearly $1,000 and is available only in Japan.)

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