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Utterly delightful Slowpoke festival coming to Japan in August

There’s an official theme song and it is magical

Slowpoke and its slow-moving, lethargic demeanor have charmed Pokémon fans for years. It’s only fitting that Slowpoke follows in the tradition of other popular Pokémon, like Pikachu, to be blessed with a music video.

The first music video for “Yadon Ondo” (Slowpoke’s Japanese name) is three minutes of pure delight, as the large Yadon mascots stumble around and a host of children sing a beautiful Slowpoke serenade. There was a previous reggae-style Slowpoke song made for the 3DS in 2015, but “Yadon Ondo” was made for the upcoming Yadon’s Day festival in Kagawa, Japan.

Yadon’s Day (or rather, Yadon’s three days) will start on Aug. 10 and run until Aug. 12. The festival celebrates the 30th anniversary of the Great Seto Bridge, which connects various islands between the Okayama and Kagawa prefectures in Japan. To celebrate, a local Pokémon Center branch will open up for the duration of the festival.

In addition to the Pokémon Center and the live performance of “Yadon Ondo,” there will be a “Slowpoke Greeting Center” made up of full-sized Slowpoke mascots to meet and greet at a “relaxed pace,” as the translation of the event’s website says. This Pokémon Center will have special Slowpoke-themed products, namely a lot of Slowpoke candies and clothing, but most importantly of all a very wonderful pack of Udon noodles, called “Udon of Yadon.”

This is the most amazing thing in the world right now.
Kawada Making Noodles

Besides the Slowpoke-themed merchandise, there will also be various Slowpoke photo-panels with face holes, a chance to meet Satoshi’s (Ash) voice actor, and snazzy Slowpoke sun visors. It looks like it’s going to be a beautiful time with an even more beautiful Pokémon, who honestly deserves some more love.

Check out the official Yadon Day announcement on the Japanese Pokémon site, and if you happen to be in Kagawa during that time, snag some of those Udon of Yadon packets.

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