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Detective Pikachu toys, trading cards show new sides of the live-action Pokémon

By which we mean talking dolls and hats with ears

girl wearing Detective Pikachu deerstalker hat The Pokémon Company

The Pokémon Company is preparing big time for the arrival of Detective Pikachu, the series’ first-ever Hollywood movie. Next on the hype-cycle list is a whole slew of merchandise, from T-shirts to toys — and even official trading cards with art on these new takes on classic Pokémon.

Most notable is the card for Detective Pikachu himself, of course. Say what you will about how fuzzy he is; the image on his special card is very cute.

Detective Pikachu TCG
He’s thinking so hard!
The Pokémon Company

The Detective Pikachu trading card game starter and booster packs go on sale April 5, and the line will contain 26 new cards as well as collectible pins. Other special promo cards in the collection feature the movie’s versions of Charizard and Greninja, both seen trying to attack Pikachu in the first teaser.

Meanwhile, the Pokémon Center online store will sell apparel referencing Ryme City, where Detective Pikachu takes place. There are shirts calling out the Hi-Hat Cafe (where we saw Jigglypuff), the Ryme City anniversary parade (also seen in the trailer), as well as the city’s police force. These are slightly more subtle ways to get into the movie than another item that will go on sale April 2 along with the rest of the line — a deerstalker hat mimicking the one that our great electric mouse detective wears. Yes, that means it has ears.

Also coming are action figures and, crucially, a talking Pikachu plush. (He has “two voice modes” and “motorized ears,” too!) You can preview the collection in the gallery below. Detective Pikachu is in theaters May 10.

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