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Finally we get to meet baby Pikachu, before he met Ash

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Soon, Pokémon fans will know the history behind Ash’s Pikachu, thanks to the Pokémon anime.

The first episode of the new season of Pokémon will be called “Pikachu is Born!” and will show what Ash’s Pikachu was like before his life at Professor Oak’s office. Of course, Pikachu was a baby at some point, meaning we’re going to get to see a bunch of cute Pichu antics.

Ash’s relationship with Pikachu started off rocky at first. Pikachu refused to get in its ball, electrocuted Ash constantly, and even laughed at him when he failed to catch a Pidgey. Pikachu’s heart softened as he realized how much Ash cared about him. Hopefully this new episode gives some insight into how Pikachu ended up so sassy.

The new season will debut on Nov. 17 in Japan, starting with this Pikachu-centric episode. It’s unknown currently when the show will be dubbed and brought over to other countries.