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Ash’s old voice actress gives inspiring advice following the Pokémon League victory

A ‘younger’ Ash leaves some inspiring advice for the current Ash

Ash Ketchum from the original Pokémon anime gets ready to throw a Poké Ball The Pokémon Company
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Following Ash Ketchum’s first-ever Pokémon League victory in the Pokémon the Series: Sun and Moon anime, Ash’s original English dub voice actress, Veronica Taylor, posted an inspiring video to Twitter.

Ash has never won a title before this, consistently coming short and placing normally within the top 10 in each tournament. The latest episode of the anime showed him finishing out the Manalo Conference, Alola’s Pokémon League. After taking down Gladion, one of his rivals, he becomes the first Alolan Pokémon League champion.

Taylor uses an old Ash figure to talk in her iconic Ash voice. While the video is a little jarring, as it has spooky-looking lip syncing on the figure, the message is still nonetheless inspiring. He talks about how part of the journey is being open to new experiences, and how constantly challenging yourself is important.

Taylor voiced Ash for the first eight seasons of the Pokémon dub, as well as May and miscellaneous Pokémon. After the series was recast in 2006, she was replaced by Sara Natochenny.

Ash has done a lot in the Sun and Moon anime. He’s a student. He’s an Ultra Beast hunter, complete with a squad of allies and a skin-tight uniform. And now he’s a Pokémon League champion, after 22 years.

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