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Science may have created the perfect Bluetooth speaker: Jigglypuff

This is very good, thank you

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Jigglypuff singing in the Pokémon anime Image: The Pokémon Company
Nicole Carpenter is a senior reporter specializing in investigative features about labor issues in the game industry, as well as the business and culture of games.

ThinkGeek — now owned by GameStop — has filed a Bluetooth speaker with the Federal Communications Commission. Here’s the fun part: It looks like Jigglypuff! Honestly, I’m not sure why this hadn’t been a thing before. It’s very cute, and makes sense. You know, because Jigglypuff sings.

The filings were released today and spotted by The Verge. The photos show it from a bunch of different angles in the lab. (Some of which make it look like Jigglypuff’s been kidnapped and held in a warehouse.) There’s no information about its release, but The Verge reported that FCC filings typically mean it’s incoming “soon.” In Australia, EBGames has a similar item — possibly the same item — with a release date of April 1. It’s listed at AU$48.

Here’s the thing about it being scheduled for an April 1 release. That probably means it’s part of the April Fools’ Day lineup. Typically, ThinkGeek does a pretty great job for the goof holiday. They announce a ton of joke products, but the real joke is that some of them are real.

Polygon reached out to GameStop for more information on its pricing and availability. The price point feels high for a novelty speaker. And yet, I still want it — precisely for the pleasure of having a Jigglypuff speaker that can sing the creature’s famous song.

GameStop acquired ThinkGeek in 2015, but officially absorbed the company in 2019. Of course, GameStop isn’t doing too well, with the company’s holiday financial results painting a bleak picture for the company. Consumers are buying less used games, opting instead to purchase games online. New consoles could boost numbers for the company in 2020, but GameStop’s also counting on its novelty merch to support it, too.