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Here’s a cute line of Pokémon clothes, for dogs

Now you can pikachihuahua

Photo: Dasom/The Pokémon Company

Dog lovers and Pokémon fans in the Polygon offices are taken with a new fashion line coming out of Korea.

Pokémon ♥ Dasom is a collection of clothing and accessories for hounds, ranging from walking jackets to fluffy toys, spotted by NintendoSoup. A Pikachu neckerchief costs the equivalent of around $10, while a Monster Ball fluffy comes in at around $17. For the truly dedicated Pokémon pooch in your life, a themed playing mat costs about $29.

Other items include walking harnesses, folding cushions, and adorable little hats. Assuming your pet is happy wearing clothes, all these are the perfect accessories for your Pokémon Go expeditions. Various dog/Pokémon-related items are available in the U.S. from various online retailers. We’ve asked The Pokémon Company if there are any plans to bring this particular line of doggy togs outside Korea. No information as yet, but we’ll keep you updated.

Here’s a peek at the line:

Please feel free to conjure Pokémon/dog-related puns in comments below.

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