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Ball Guy is horrifying as a Pokémon Sword and Shield raid battle

I guess he’s run out of balls?

Ball Guy may be a friend who showers you with gifts in Pokémon Sword and Shield, but animals who insist the gentle orb is Bad may be delighted to see him in a totally new and more violent context today. Behold: Ball Guy as a Max Raid Battle.

Yes, this is Ball Guy as a towering, peppy fiend who can attack you, as you can see in this footage by YouTuber ProsafiaGaming. The mod appears to swap Machoke’s character model with Ball Guy, which makes sense, given that the fighting-type monster has a human-like silhouette that lends itself readily. Machoke’s animations work perfectly with Ball Guy at the helm. ProsafiaGaming goes on to catch Ball Guy, and then uses him in battle against other creatures — which is to say, you can watch a full-grown man in a mascot suit beat up some poor critters.

Honestly, though, after everything Ball Guy has done for us, I can’t believe we’d go on to treat him this way. Poor guy.

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