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The Pokémon Center’s user reviews are a wholesome must-read

This makes me happy

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A wrinkly Pikachu plush toy. Image: The Pokémon Center

Usually it’s hard to know whether or not you should trust a user review. What if someone wrote something purely out of spite? What if the reviewer doesn’t know what they’re talking about? But reviews hailing from The Pokémon Center’s store don’t have this problem, because generally speaking, everyone knows that the official plushies are high quality. So instead, the reviews are largely people raving about how cute their favorite characters are.

And honestly, given how good Pokémon designs are, it’s hard to argue with any of it. So instead of acting as purchasing guides, the reviews on the website are celebrations of all the Pokémon we know and love and their owner’s relationships with them. You can look through them and be entertained without worrying about whether or not your purchase will be justified. You might not be buying anything at all.

A wrinkled Pikachu plushie review. Image: The Pokémon Center

These wholesome reviews are being chronicled by an aptly-named Twitter account called @ReviewsPokemon, and I had such a good time reading reading them that I had to share.

“Look at his face,” one user wrote about Graveler. “He knows what he did.”

“A true gentleman,” one buyer said of Venusaur. “Look at the way he sits. So polite.”

In a review titled ‘Baby Robot,’ one fan says that Magnemite is a “very good genderless entity.”

“No matter how evolved Poliwag grows, Poliwhirl, Poliwrath, it’s still only a tadpole,” one review astutely notes. “Polywag has hands, though ... I bet frogs are heck of jealous that humans have hands.”

If you enjoyed any of these, I highly suggest you take a gander at the enormous plushie collection on the website, because there’s way more where that came from. Here’s a good review for a Sobble toy, for example. “Sometimes I hug him at night hoping it makes him happier,” it says.

A review of a Sobble plushie on The Pokémon Center. Image: The Pokémon Center

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