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Levi’s selling full-on Misty cosplay in new Pokémon fashion line

In case you wanted to wear Pikachu on your thigh

A model wears Levi’s denim shorts, yellow crop top, and red suspenders, evoking Pokémon trainer Misty Photo: Levi’s

The Pokémon Company and Levi Strauss & Co. announced a new clothing and accessories line in commemoration of Pokémon’s 25th anniversary. The line is inspired by the original anime and features all your first-generation favorites. It will be available to purchase in the United States starting Feb. 15 at Levi’s stores, on, and on the Levi’s App. Prices on items range from $20 to $148.

The line is not very subtle, but it sure is fun. The garden-inspired jacket is covered with various Pokémon like Slowpoke, Gengar, and Mewtwo, and it’s definitely a statement piece. In line with other bold clothing options, you can also buy a pair of jeans with Pikachu on them.

Fans are also excited to see that Levi’s is selling a version of Misty’s denim shorts, which are basically just, high-waisted denim shorts with suspenders?

Photo: Levi’s
Photo: Levi’s
Photo: Levi’s

Other accessories include an Ash Ketchum-inspired hat (in case you wanted to wear some light cosplay in your day-to-day life), and a Pikachu beanie with ears.

If celebrating with clothing isn’t your style, the Pokémon Company has also announced a collaboration with Katy Perry and a worldwide Pokémon Go event as part of February’s anniversary celebrations.

Check out the full Levi’s Pokémon collaboration in the gallery below.

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