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New Pokémon plush captures Joltik eating Yamper’s ass

This toy is 100% Pokédex accurate

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A plush toy of Joltik attached to Yamper’s butt, seen from the front and the back Image: Takara Tomy/The Pokémon Company

The Pokémon Company and toymaker Takara Tomy are finally capturing the purest essence of Pokémon Joltik and Yamper in toy form. A new plush combines the two in a very particular way, in which Joltik is absolutely feasting on Yamper’s ass.

The new plush, which will cost you 6,000 yen, is more than just a static stuffed animal — it vibrates! This is a pull toy; yank on the Joltik end of Takara Tomy’s plush and the “Attaching Pokémon” will scurry right up to Yamper’s booty, where it will suck out the electricity from the Puppy Pokémon.

This is, of course, canon in the world of Pokémon. As noted in Joltik’s Pokédex entry in Pokémon Shield, “Joltik latch on to other Pokémon and suck out static electricity. They’re often found sticking to Yamper’s hindquarters.” Previous Pokédex entries for Joltik are less graphic, simply noting that the Electric/Bug-type Pokémon sticks onto large-bodied Pokémon and absorbs static electricity, storing it for later in a pouch.

A GIF on Takara Tomy’s website illustrates how the magic happens:

A GIF of a pull-string Joltik and Yamper plush toy
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Image: Takara Tomy/The Pokémon Company

The Yamper/Joltik plush — known as the Buruburu Bachuru (Shivering Joltik) — stands about 12 inches tall and 16 inches in length. It will ship in September, and is available exclusively at Takara Tomy’s online store.

Here’s a photo of what your work-from-home life might look like if you owned a plush toy of Joltik going to town on Yamper’s cheeks.

A woman works on a laptop next to a plush toy of Yamper with Joltik attached to its butt Image: Takara Tomy/The Pokémon Company

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