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Pokémon Unite is coming to phones next month

The mobile version will feature cross play with Nintendo Switch

Pokémon Unite is heading to phones. During its Pokémon Presents livestream on Wednesday, the Pokémon Company announced that the game will arrive on both iOS and Android mobile devices on Sept. 22, as well as two new Pokémon that are coming soon.

The Pokémon Company announced that the mobile version of the game will feature crossplay with Nintendo Switch. Players that jump into Pokémon Unite on Switch before Aug. 31 will also receive the Unite License for Zeraora to use in-game. This can also be used in the mobile version of the game by linking accounts together, which should mean that progress and unlocks can be shared across platforms.

There are also a couple of new Pokémon on the way to Unite. During the stream, the Pokémon Company also announced that Mamoswine and Sylveon will both be coming to the game in the near future. While we didn’t get many details on their abilities, it seems that Mamoswine can freeze enemies as well as charging forward and trampling, while Sylveon has a beam attack and a circular area-of-effect ability

Players can pre-register for the game on both the App Store and the Google Play store starting today. The Pokémon Company also announced new in-game unlocks depending on how many people pre-register for the game on mobile. All players will receive a United License: Pikachu if 2.5 million players pre-register and a Special Festival Style: Pikachu Holowear if pre-registration hits 5 million players before the Sept. 22 release.

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