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Pokémon trainers, it’s true: Floatzel attacks from its butt

That’s messy!

floatzel firing an ice beam out of its ass Image: The Pokémon Company

Picture this. You’re in the midst of a great Pokémon battle. Your opponent throws out Floatzel, a part-sea weasel that’s got a floatation device attached to its body. The trainer calls out Ice Beam, and as your Pokémon braces for the blow, Floatzel turns away from the battle, bends over, and shoots a beam of ice straight out of its ass.

Unfortunately, I have not conjured this scene from my terrible brain. It actually happens in Pokémon Brilliant Diamond and Shining Pearl. Players who have met Floatzel (and its earlier form, Buizel) in battle have been getting absolutely blasted by the Pokémon’s butt blows. Yikes.

The Pokémon Company seems to have left this special power out of Floatzel’s PokéDex entry. But the truth is, Floatzel’s always been like this — it’s not exactly new to Brilliant Diamond and Shining Pearl. Floatzel does the thing in Pokémon Go and the original Diamond and Pearl, too. Brilliant Diamond and Shining Pearl simply makes it more prominent. The butt attack is no longer something you can ignore.

Nintendo has, surprisingly, not responded to Polygon’s request for more information by publication time. Regardless, the memes are here.

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