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Pokémon’s Jumbo Snorlax is finally back at Build-A-Bear


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A 24 inch Snorlax Plush in a pajama set, posed on top of a red backdrop Image: Build-A-Bear Workshop, The Pokémon Company

Your dreams of hugging a giant plush Snorlax can finally come true. Build-A-Bear Workshop’s Jumbo Snorlax is back, thanks to popular demand. And a new Teddiursa plush is also joining the popular Pokémon lineup. The shop that lets you stuff and add little sound chips into your plushies has always had good options for Pokémon fans — and those options are only getting better.

A large Snorlax plushie in a blue matching pajama set against a white backdrop. Image: Build-A-Bear Workshop, The Pokémon Company

Jumbo Snorlax is gloriously large (2 feet tall, to be exact) and squishy. You can also purchase a set of pajamas for the hefty boi, which includes a sleep robe and cap — or buy the plush and clothing set as a bundle. It’s an online exclusive, and cannot be stuffed in stores. Fun fact: this Snorlax is so large it won’t fit into Build-A-Bear’s regular plush gift boxes.

A Teddiursa plush wearing a green and white hoodie styled like a Poké Ball against a white backdrop. Image: Build-A-Bear Workshop, The Pokémon Company

Teddiursa is also now available and can be stuffed in store, or purchased fully assembled online. It’s the lovable honey bear’s debut to Build-A-Bear, and there are two clothing options for it: a cute blue sleeper and green Poké Ball design hoodie. You can also buy the clothing items and plush altogether in a bundle.

Jumbo Snorlax and Teddiursa are the newest additions to a bustling line up of Build-A-Bear Workshop Pokémon. The list includes, of course, Pikachu (with a variety of cute coaches jackets) along with Eevee, and a few Eevee-lutions. The three original three starters, Charmander, Bulbasaur, and Squirtle are also options. Or maybe you’re more of an Animal Crossing: New Horizons fan. In that case, Isabelle, Tom Nook, and K.K. Slider are all there for you.

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