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Pokémon come to life in National Geographic-style animations

PokéNational Geographic is a beautiful expression of one Pokémon fan’s passion

A rocky, floating Baltoy stands in front of a larger Claydol, who peers from the shadowed background with glowing eyes. Image: Elious Entertainment

A handful of incredible videos currently blowing up online highlight various Pokémon as if they were subjects of a nature documentary.

The series, known as PokéNational Geographic, was created by animator Elious Entertainment, who began posting the videos just two weeks ago. In that time, he’s produced several shorts focused on an eclectic group of Pokémon, treating the likes of Magnemite, Baltoy, and Magikarp with all the care of a David Attenborough-style presenter.

Elious even created a bit of unique lore for these videos by attributing the narration to an original character known as Professor Ginkgo (all Pokémon experts need to have plant-based names, after all).

But, of course, the Pokémon remain the stars of the show, swimming, floating, and walking through realistic environments that look like they could have been clipped straight from a National Geographic production.

The info shared in these videos, if you were curious, is largely taken from the Pokémon franchise’s famously insightful (and often hilarious) Pokédex entries, but Elious weaves details from various games together so well that it sounds as if they were written by an actual biologist.

That said, I think even the most dispassionate scientist would have found something nice to say about Magikarp.

Elious’ videos have already become a hit on TikTok, with combined views of his clips rapidly approaching the million mark. His comments are full of well-deserved compliments as well as passionate requests from viewers that he create videos based on their favorite Pokémon. I’m definitely not above using the platform of a major entertainment website to say: Please do Koffing next.

In addition to the vertically aspected TikTok versions, all of Elious Entertainment’s excellent PokéNational Geographic animations can also be found on YouTube and Instagram if you prefer your videos in widescreen or square formats respectively.

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