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Every Pokémon that makes an appearance in Pokémon Concierge

From Pikachu to Psyduck to Skiploom

A bunch of humans hanging out with Pokemon on a lawn in the stop-motion series Pokémon Concierge. Image: dwarf studios/Netflix
Petrana Radulovic is an entertainment reporter specializing in animation, fandom culture, theme parks, Disney, and young adult fantasy franchises.

Everyone who’s ever wished Pokémon were real will get a kick out of Netflix’s Pokémon Concierge, where the lovable pocket monsters are rendered in the softest sweetest stop-motion style. From dwarf studios — known for the adorable Rilakkuma and Kaoru — the anime follows Haru, an anxious young woman who takes a job as a resort’s newest concierge. She’s in charge of making sure the Pokémon are having a good time.

As the premise promises, there are a lot of Pokémon in the show — and all of them are so super adorable. Did your favorite Pokémon make it into the show? Here’s every single Pokémon that makes an actual appearance — as in, not just seen in artwork or decor — in Pokémon Concierge.


We first see some Wingulls flying next to the boat Haru takes to the resort. These sea gull-inspired Pokémon are a resort staple.


A cocky high-flying Pidgeot is one of the resort’s guests.


A Bulbasaur presents a lei to a hotel guest using its vines. Image: dwarf studios/Netflix

A cute Bulbasaur greets Haru with a little lei when she first arrives at the resort! Bulbasaur makes more appearances throughout the show.


A resort lobby featuring an assortment of Pokemon, with a floating Hoppip at the center Image: dwarf studios/Netflix

We first see Hoppip in the hotel lobby — and it kicks off the third episode in a big way!


Multiple Rattata run around the resort.


A wee little Charmander is briefly seen in the lobby when Haru arrives!


Dragonite first makes an appearance in the first episode, but it plays a bigger role later on, especially in the third episode!


A little Eevee shows off its flower Image: dwarf studios/Netflix

A glamorous little Eevee shows off its hair flower in the hotel’s boutique.


Psyduck eating some ice cream Image: dwarf studios/Netflix

Haru’s friendship with a shy Psyduck is a big part of all four episodes of the show, and as such Psyduck gets star treatment in this show.


A Furret looking up at someone. Image: dwarf studios/Netflix

A rambunctious Furret chases a couple of Pokemon throughout the show.


A Lampent helps start a campfire Image: dwarf studios/Netflix

This helpful little ghost/fire-type pops up from time to time, and lends its flame to a campfire in the third episode.


A Graveler, a big rock Pokemon, hiding on the side of a cliff. A young woman climbs up the side of the cliff. Image: dwarf studios/Netflix

Big rock-types need some relaxation too! This big fella makes a first appearance by the pool in the first episode, but comes back in other scenes.


Seel, Dedenne, and Diglett play volleyball on the beach Image: dwarf studios/Netflix

A happy-looking Seel is seen in some pool scenes and also by the beach. Water-types gonna water.


A trio of Woopers smiling. A Metagross is in the background Image: dwarf studios/Netflix

Some Woopers run around the hotel! One is good friends with Mudkip.


Large steel friend! It stomps around by the pool and plays with Graveler later on.

Panpour, Pansage, Pansear

Pansage hops on Haru’s shoulder Image: dwarf studios/Netflix

Tyler, one of the resort’s most chillaxed employees, has a trio of Panpour, Pansage, and Pansear to help him with his duties.


This lanky grass-type occasionally hitches rides on Dragonite’s back.


Mudkip getting a good pat on the head. Image: dwarf studios/Netflix

This helpful Mudkip belongs to Alyssa, one of the other employees at the hotel. It helps her water some flowers at one point.


A Diglett pops up from underground Image: dwarf studios/Netflix

An ill-timed Diglett pops up from the ground and disrupts Haru!


The third episode kicks off with Hoppip having a very big moment… evolving into Skiploom!


A Magikarp doing its best not to cry Image: dwarf studios/Netflix

One very special Magikarp with a star on its back is basically the star of this episode. It has a little pool floatie because it can’t swim super well!


A snoozing Snorlax Image: dwarf studios/Netflix

Guess what Snorlax is doing? Sleeping! Well, more specifically, sleeping on the beach.


A Dedenne — an orange mouse with big round ears — on the beach! Image: dwarf studios/Netflix

This electric mouse Pokémon is not Pikachu or Raichu, actually. It’s a separate little guy and it’s playing volleyball with some other friends.


Let’s just say there’s a big special Gyarados moment at the end of the third episode.


The garbage Pokémon is kinda cute when it’s running around a campsite.


An outdoor gathering featuring a dozen Pikachu and a Dragonite, along with assorted other Pokemon Image: dwarf studios/Netflix

Surprisingly enough, the most iconic Pokémon does not make an appearance till the final episode! But there’s a whole convention of them at the resort.


THE BIGGEST BOY OF ALL! You gotta wait till the last moments of the last episode for it, but it’s so worth it.

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