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PSA: Pre-orders open for free COVID-19 rapid tests

5 issues Microsoft faces in its acquisition of Activision Blizzard

China’s gaming crackdown puts 14,000 companies out of business

Genshin Impact adds four alternate costumes that are more conservative

North America has its first video game union at Vodeo Games

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The subtle ways the War on Terror has crept into Halo

Look closely, and you’ll find plenty of real-world influence in the sci-fi series

The Great Ace Attorney takes aim at the British Empire but doesn’t pull the trigger

Five Nights at Freddy’s creator says he’s retiring, handing off franchise

Resident Evil’s most unsettling theme isn’t zombies — it’s eugenics

Fallout 76 militia gets suspended by Facebook — again

Twitch disables President Trump’s channel following Capitol attack

New Animal Crossing rules prohibit Joe Biden’s island

Joe Biden’s campaign made a custom Fortnite map

AOC’s record-breaking Twitch stream is the future of politics

Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez will stream Among Us on Twitch to encourage voting

How to visit Joe Biden’s Animal Crossing island

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Why cloud gaming could be a big problem for the climate

Cloud gaming’s dirty secret

How to complete the 2020 United States Census—and why you should

How to vote by mail in the 2020 U.S. election

No one on TV can believe what happened last night

Why I’m not buying the Harry Potter game

How to register to vote

Ghost of Tsushima, Kurosawa, and the political myth of the samurai

Fortnite boss Tim Sweeney explains his controversial politics in video games remarks

Netflix reveals the 9 times it has complied with government censorship

This high-pressure propaganda sim can’t stop getting silly

Congressman pleads guilty to spending campaign funds on Steam games

US Congress members urge Blizzard to ‘reconsider’ Hearthstone pro’s suspension

Epic Games says it won’t ban Fortnite players for political speech

After Hearthstone player’s ban, fans call for a Blizzard boycott

Hearthstone player calls for Hong Kong’s liberation in postgame interview

Pepe the Frog: an unlikely ally of Hong Kong protesters at the world’s largest gaming tournament