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Prey guide: Where to find fabrication plans for ammo, consumables and weapons

Finding plans is key to your survival, and we’re here to help

Arkane Studios/Bethesda Softworks

To survive Prey, you need to make ammo for your guns, charges (grenades) and consumables like medkits and suit repair kits. Before you can do this at fabricators, you need to find fabrication plans. This guide will show you where to find every one.

Think of this guide like a reference document. We’ll list the weapon, ammo or item fabrication plans and where to find them, along with the area where you’ll find it and the main objective during which you’ll find it. That way, you’ll know if you can seek out specific plans or if you can’t get it yet.

One more thing: You will find multiple copies of fabrication plans, but we’re going to list the first and most easily accessible locations.

Weapons and ammo


You’ll start the game with the plans for the trusty Hefty.

GLOO cannon

You won’t find the GLOO cannon fabrication plan as early as you might expect. It’s in the fuel room of the cargo bay near a malfunctioning fabricator.

GLOO cannon ammo

These plans are in your office safe (to the left of you desk) in the executive offices on the third floor of the Talos 1 lobby. You’ll first enter this area during “An Office with a View.

Disruptor stun gun

You can find these plans in the volunteer quarters on the second floor of the neuromod division. It’s right on the desk in the office.

Disruptor batteries

The plans for the disruptor batteries are on a corpse laying on the ground right outside of the elevator lobby in the arboretum. You’ll walk right past it during “Detour.”


The shotgun fabrication plans are in a hidden storage area. You have to smash into it through the hallway outside of the elevator lobby in the arboretum. You’ll be nearby during the end of “Detour,” and you’ll walk right past it during “Lift Interference.”

Shotgun shells

You can pick up these plans in the armory attached to the materials extraction room in psychotronics. You’ll be right here during the “Detour” objective. There are two ways to get into the armory — either release the prisoner/test subject, or use your huntress bowcaster to push the button from outside.

Silenced pistol

These plans are in the security booth on your right, just inside the hardware labs foyer. You’ll walk right past it during “Through a Glass Darkly.”

9mm bullets

The plans for your silenced pistol ammo are in the teleconferencing room on the third floor of the Talos 1 lobby. You’ll loot them from the corpse just inside the door. Conveniently, you’ll be heading this way after you complete “An Office with a View,” on your way to the hardware labs during “Through a Glass Darkly.”

Q-beam and Q-beam cells

The plans for both the q-beam and the q-beam cells are on a computer you encounter during the “The Blackbox Lab” optional objective. You’ll have to do a bit of work to get inside the lab — it’s just finding a keycard and coming back here, but it’s a bit of a journey — but the plans are valuable enough to make it worth the trip.

Huntress bowcaster and FlexiFoam darts

The plans for both the huntress bowcaster (which is the best) and the FlexiFoam darts are on the same computer. It’s against the back wall in the hardware labs machine shop where you pick up the artax propulsion system fabrication plans. You’ll be standing right next to it during “Through a Glass Darkly.” You just have to go to the files tab of the computer and download them.


EMP charge

As soon as you enter the GUTS during “Detour,” you’ll float past a corpse. You can loot the plans for the EMP charge off of the body.

Recycler charge

The plans for the recycler charge are in the crew quarters area that you access from the arboretum during “Gathering Echoes.” The plans are in Jorgen Thorstein’s cabin (you pick up his keycard from his office during “Through a Glass Darkly”) in the crew cabins B area of the crew quarters (which is, in turn, accessed through the arboretum).

Nullwave transmitter

The nullwave transmitter plans are in a storage closet in the basement of the atmosphere control area. You’ll have to get the code from the oxygen flow control room on the main floor.

Typhon lure

The typhon lure fabrication plan is in the monitoring area of the power plant. It’s near a corpse on the far side of a room filled with electrified water.



There is a copy of the medkit fabrication plans in the trauma center area of the Talos 1 lobby (on the second floor) near the middle of the room. This is technically an optional area — we wrote about it along with the other Talos 1 Lobby optional rooms.


The earliest neuromod fabrication plan is in the neuromod division fabrication area. The first time you go, you’ll have to get to it through the volunteer quarters. The plans are in Holden Graves’ office, on the second floor in the back left corner of the large room.

Since there’s a pretty tough fight to get to that one, you can wait until “Detour” and pick up this plan from Director Kelstrup’s office in the psychoscope calibration checkpoint in psychotronics.

Psi hypo

The easiest and earliest copy of this plan is inside of a safe in the simulation lab debriefing room. You can find the combination within your video message to yourself during “An Office with a View.” Alternately, you can finish reading this sentence — the code is 5150. We covered this optional backtracking trip when we covered the other Talos 1 lobby optional rooms.

Weapon upgrade kit

There is a hard to get to, caged-in area in a corner of the hardware labs machine lab. It’s right underneath where you’ll go to get the artax propulsion system fabrication plans during “Through a Glass Darkly.” You’ll need leverage to move the boxes out of your way, or you can use one of the nearby explosive canisters to encourage them to move.

Suit repair kit

During your trip through the GUTS during “Detour,” you’ll visit the magnetosphere control room. The plans for the suit repair kit are on the floor in the second room near Laurel Davis’ corpse.

Anti-rad pharma

The plans for the pills that treat radiation sickness are in the morgue area below live exam in psychotronics. The morgue itself is an optional area, but you’ll be nearby during “Detour,” and it’s a necessary step during “The Corpse Vanishes.” The anti-rad plans aren’t in the morgue itself, but in the room you pass on your way to the morgue.

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